beautiful frame of honey from sanctuary hive weighing 12 lbs


This summer has been a very busy and beautiful season at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary. The hives are still in a rhythm of expansion of their brood cycle and honey production  and therefore quite high and a new two super hive has 9 full frames of brood waiting to emerge into thousands and thousands of baby bees! In September
this is very unusual. The good news is that there is an abundance of nectar and pollen for the bees and so they will thrive. We notice that the goldenrod
is painting the fields and roadsides with its brilliant golden yellow presence and this food is a honey-bee-favourite.  The visitors to the sanctuary have been interesting and their comments and observations are always welcome. One visitor laid out on the grass her healing meditation Tibetan bowls and invited the music beings of the spheres to come and bee with the hives and the honey bees. How beautiful this special blessing was
to the Sanctuary and to the earth. She later reported that a jar of the bees honey is now in her healing room because of its high frequency for healing.

Labour Day Weekend we had six children and three adults come to visit the bees. What fun! In ten years of keeping the bees Klaus has been
stung many times but I have not been stung once……but all of that changed that day. We have wondered over the years that perhaps I might be allergic to bee stings because even a black fly bite causes quite a reaction in my body. At the time of this “event” Klaus and a friend were blissfully opening a hive with 80,000 bees flying around them as they were doing an inspection .. Some guard bees were flying the circumference of the Sanctuary and the children were doing ok but the adults were definitely being singled out to buzz off so-to-speak.. This behaviour is usual this time of the year and sometimes the bees even land on me and then fly away.

. But this day I had my long hair clipped up in the back and the bee got caught inside the web of hundreds of blonde strands and instead of seeking her escape in an outwards direction she went deeper into the hair . Good heavens, first she was just humming, but once she got herself trapped the song became more an angry sound of fear. Please picture that six little children were all looking on with big eyes and considering the
whole purpose of the visit was to show the loving nature of the honey bees and no reason to fear; I was very aware that going crazy would be
totally unloving and irresponsible on my part and so I tried to keep my cool. Meantime the inevitable piercing with a bee stinger was becoming more and more
immanent. I continued to try and open up my hair to let the bee out but this only pushed her about and when I heard her last warning sound I knew I was about to be stung in the middle of the back of my head! Strangely enough the sting was
not painful, but the question became what to do to help myself. Now if this was someone else who had been stung, we would have confidently
started to apply all that we know about helping people with a bee sting. We have homeopathic apis mellifera  medicine, creepy chemical antihistamine liquid
(which in a recent study relates such medicines to causing dementia) and for the worst case scenarios, we have an epi pen on the ready at all times. We also
have Young Living essential oils like lavender to help with the swelling and itching and we are well practiced in doing tapping which is very helpful for someone with a sting. What did I do—-called for Klaus who could not hear a thing; – opened my purse and poured many drops of lavender essential oil on the sting area, which was probably forty-thousand lavender flowers in concentrate, and drank two capfuls of that horrible chemical histamine. Luckily the swelling was not too bad and there was no pain.
Twenty minutes later we all were at the Gilbert’s Cove Lighthouse eating large homemade molasses ginger cookies and the children were dipping feet into the
salty water.

I did not think of tapping until late that day and ice also seemed to be something which dawned on me only several hours later.
So as a result of this little drama I have studied up on what happens to the body when you get a bee sting. This description is brief and very helpful. Our
friend shared this with us shortly after the “event” and it was lucky that she actually was reading the book ” Robbing the Bees” by Holley Bishop where this information was found. (This book has some interesting info about the bees which the person researched; however her buying into the GMO agenda as something life enhancing shows the obvious lack of consciousness )

“The stinging mechanism takes thirty to sixty seconds to unload ….poison. Up to half the dose is comprised of a toxic protein called melittin, which bursts blood vessels and damages tissue. Melittin’s purpose is, quite simply, to hurt. A hit of it also encourages the body to release histamines, which defend against the venom and in the process produce itching, redness and dramatic swelling. …As the melittin and histamines go to work, the flesh around the wound warms and rises to the painful burning welt …….
accompanied by aches and feverish chills as the body attempts to cope with the toxins and histamines. .
A mischievous team of enzymes called phospholipase A2 and hyaluronidase act as a sidekick to the melittin, aiding its painful rampage. They have an emollient effect, like water on a dry sponge, on the acids that hold tissues together, allowing the toxins greater, freer and more painful spread into the flesh. Bee venom also deliverers….dopamine and norephinephrine, neurotransmitters that accentuate fear and excitement and make the sting unforgettable. The final elegant efficiency of the sting is the alarm pheromones it releases. ” (Pages l44, l45 ‘Robbing the Bees’ by Bishop). We have much more detailed descriptions of the biological reactions of the body to bee stings but this one is closest to my experience of a bee sting.

The next thing I have done is to make a list to be kept in the Bumble Bee trailer by the sanctuary, and in each vehicle, so the combination of shock and
clear thinking do not have to play a major role in dealing with the sting, should I ever get one again.


1. TRY TO REMOVE THE STINGER IMMEDIATELY. This you do by scrapping the skin where the stinger is lodged sideways. You can push the stinger out this way.. There is a small suction pen you can purchase which helps to remove the stinger and some of the venom. Warning: if you pull the stinger out you will push the rest of
the venom in the stinger into your body. Not a good idea.

2. CHECK TO SEE IF BREATHING IS OK AND NO SWELLING IN THE THROAT AREA. If breathing is difficult and/or the throat feels swollen or difficulty in swallowing,
one is to use the epi pen at once and take some antihistamine  and proceed immediately to outpatients at the nearest hospital.

3. DO TAPPING PROCEDURE IMMEDIATELY. This is a Bodytalk procedure and we use it for many applications for health and happiness of the body. It is very effective and here is a video to show you how to do this:

The Cortices tapping technic is explained by the founder of Bodytalk, Dr. John Veltheim.
When you get stung by a bee, do this technic three times: First as described, then you focus on the sting and do the procedure again, afterwards you do the technic for a third time not focusing on the sting.

3. ICE . Monitor your body’s reaction to the sting and place ice or a frozen bag of peas on the stung area. Leave for 5 minutes and then remove. You can do this
every hour or so to help lower the swelling.

4. USE  ORGANIC 100% THERAPEUTIC ESSENTIAL OILS and apply topically to the sting-area. Lavender is excellent and Tea Tree and Peppermint. Use only a drop with each
application. My swelling was held to a minimum and there was no pain. The soreness lasted for two days but only when I put pressure on the area. I used the lavender only once and it worked that well.

(If you want edible therapeutic essential oils from Young Living at wholesale cost, contact us and we can open an account for you or sell directly to you the oils you wish to have.  These are the essences which we use for the honey bees and what is good for the bee is good for me).

5. ANTIHISTAMINES will help prevent itching and the histamines from causing painful swelling. Naturally you need to recognize that you are introducing
another form of “chemistry” into your body which has consequences as much as the venom does but in other ways. I also chewed some Plantain growing
in the grass and put it on the sting and it did relieve the itching .

6.DRINK WATER to help the body flush out unwanted substances. Relax and apply lavender the next day if itching is still happening.

(this is not Medical Advice but rather practical advice for home first aid. This list is from our own experiences, where Klaus was a trained paramedic
in Austria and opinions from books we have read. It is not medical advice for there are many people with many special conditions where only their doctors can give advice for a sting)

The conclusion to this little drama at the sanctuary is that I was very lucky to have received the sting. After having some dental work I went to the osteopath
to make sure everything was aligned in the jaw and my subtle body movements were moving and not frozen in place. Sometimes one has to go a second time
and I felt my ears and jaw not quite right after a month after the treatment and was planning to go again. However I noticed within two hours of the sting that the
jaw was loose and aligned and the ears were just fine. My body was balanced and flowing as is natural with a healthy body. So Thank You to the Bee for helping me
and who had to die  after stinging me. In the rejoining of the Biosphere and the Human Being the relationships revealed are deep and symbiotic
and always their great mystery brings Love and inspirations of great Joy to my Beingness. The honey bee and the hive are always consistent
in one thing ——they hold and reveal the great Genesis Blueprint of Life for humanity until we can Remember fully the Beauty of Creation and ourselves.

Also I must close  with a note of grateful relief that I found out I was not allergic to bee stings!


Screened Bottom Board TRANSFORMED

Early in the morning Klaus and our one and half year old granddaughter go and visit the bees to see if all is well.  It was quite surprising when her mum and I came back from our walk and she was singing her own original tune–  Bees, Bees, Buzz , Bees, Bees, Buzz”!  Children are so connected to nature that it makes one think how many ways can we help them experience this important connection; especially when there is a concerted effort to have children sitting in a classroom as early an age  as possible to “learn the system” they are to perform under. The expansion of our children’s destinies into creating a new earth that they are so capable of dreaming of from within their Beings, is solidly connected to that happening with the biosphere and all the beings that share this Space.   Thank goodness there are many parents taking back the  sharing of the great adventure of Life  through homeschooling, Forest Schools, Nature and Science Schools, Waldorf Schools and many other wonderful approaches which keep our families and their children connected to this beautiful Earth and their Heart Centers. It is with this thought we all can relax a bit and know that there is a future of joy and peace possible ……..with bees enhancing our landscapes and babies bringing the stars and sun to shine upon that landscape.


As we have mentioned in several blogs about the ley lines which the bees are so connected with, we have made adjustments of the location of the hive boxes to the intersection of ley lines so the bees can enjoy the great Life Forces which the earth provides on such locations.  The next step was to get rid of the “metal” in the screened bottom boards. There were two reasons to do this; one because Demeter certification requires “NO’ metal in the hives and the most important reason, the metal screening on the bottom boards block the energetic forces which the bees would benefit from the earth.  So after trying out several very  strange and unsuccessful materials to make the bottom board screens, we have come up with this version which works well and which the bees accepted.  Since the bees have now given their approval and are happy with this design, we wish to share it with you also.  Our inspiration for this design came from the English beekeeper who wrote the book on Bees and Ley Lines (previous blog).


Modified Screened Bottom Board (MSBB)

Pine boards 7/8 thick by 15 1/2” by 20″glued together and marked for the slots to be cut, with the side rails showing



Measurements for slots from right to left with the back end of the MSBB showing




Measurements for the rails all cut to a depth of 3/8″, whereby 3/4″ represents the top and

the width between the two measurments of 3/8″ and 1/4* is according to the thickness of the material you are going to use for the drawer.



Slots cut



Slots routed so that the slots form a funnel shape to catch more of the falling mites



Side rails glued, back filled in with a 3/4″x3/4″ piece of pine and drawer fitted with recycled plywood and  a scrap piece of wood for a landing platform



MSBB side by side with the drawer assembly



MSBB up side down with the drawer assembly installed




Community Involvement in Catching a Swarm


The bees are now living in five story high-rises and the honey season is in full flower! Several nucs are sitting in the sanctuary and all  of them have a mated Queen who is laying eggs now. The noble pear tree in the Sanctuary has hosted three swarms so far this week and Klaus is being kept busy attending to these new manifestations of life – day and night:-} The swarms which come from our bees are easily recognizable due to their
regressed size. After a swarm, it is advisable to check the hives where you have seen Queen cells and this will tell you if they have come from your hives. OBSERVATION – above all the skills which we need to develop as keepers of bees, learning to Observe the nature and rhythms of the Hive and the life cycle of the honey bee is the most important one.

Here at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary each Hive has a name and her nucs usually reflect the “family” name, for example from the Paul Hive we have “Paulette”, “Paulina” etc and this helps us easily recognize the family traits and be more aware of the nature of the hives. We keep written  Records.
Every new keeper of bees will confirm this phenomena – you are all dressed up and ready to go to the hives and when you get there your brain goes into mush  and you look at the hives and become somewhat mesmerized. First we thought this
was from lack of experience but now we know the Frequency of the Hives is high and it actually has an effect on the Human Body. After years of thinking this was just a mistake, or a coincidence, or forgetfulness; we can assure all you keepers of bees who are
approaching the hives as a Guardian of the Honey Bee, you are not loosing your memory or losing some IQ points — no, you
are EXPERIENCING a new SPACE where the left brain is subdued into its serviceship to the right brain and “Dancing with the Hive” rather than “Managing the Hive” becomes a transformative exercise. Be patient with yourself and to help with the situation, draw up a list of things you need to do at the hives and what you need to Observe externally and internally. Check each of these things on your list each time and you will soon find you have trained yourself as a lst class Observer, not just of the bee hive but maybe of life too:-}

Contemplate on the idea that perhaps by approaching the Hive as an Observer who basis his actions on  feelings, intuition,questions  and knowing with the creative right side of the brain and uses the left side of the brain’s organizational skills, as backup,  might actually be an exercise in helping us find the Balance of Life.  Our New Earth, that all people of Good Will  are helping to co-create at this moment  , requires us Human Beings to learn to trust the right creative side of the brain and let the left side of the brain that has been over stimulated in control mantras to the point
it thinks control and domination and a world of losers and winners is normal, will be able to heal. There is a reason that the Pharaoh of Egypt was the Beekeeper, that the Mystery Schools holding ancient teachings of Wisdom used the Bee as their
symbol, that the Knights Templar had the “Queen Bee” symbol (the fleur de lis is the Queen of the Sun upside down} and the reason
is simply put —that Observation of the Hive and the Honey Bee holds the blueprint for all of Creation. So we encourage nature lovers
and keepers of bees to Keep Records of your Observations and take a list to the hives each time to help you remember to take time to Observe.





Summer is yummy and this year we can say it is truly an amazing year for the honey bees at the sanctuary. Not only did all of the hives survive the mild winter with good health and happiness but they were really ready for the nectar season to begin.
This very strong life force which the biosphere and the cosmos is radiating forth is not only for the honey bees to be strong and healthy but also for Human Beings.

Before our yearly  beekeeping courses began we had three friends of ours join us at the honey bee sanctuary to meet the bees. They are triplets and three years old. You can see the little boy has his hands on his hips and surveying the whole situation —-his questions were real ones and perhaps in a couple of years Klaus will have a small apprentice to help with the bees. Notice the lack of concern about the bees flying around them – they were fearless and totally in the present moment of  the discovery of Life.
The lesson from the Sanctuary this time is from the baby-bee-triplets who are Love Beings too – – – Nature is a safe place —-Bees like children—–Get up close and person about looking at the miracle of nature and Ask lots, and lots and lots of Questions——–experience your inheritance of this sacred earth with inquisitiveness and joy. Celebrate nature and the Song of Summer!
‘But perhaps the Mystic Honey Doctrine The Principal Upanishads, translated and edited by Swami Nikhilananda (1963)explains it more simply:
“This earth is the honey of all beings and all beings are the honey of this earth.” Mystic Honey Doctrine

“This sun is the honey of all beings and all beings are the honey of this sun.”

BEE POLLEN: unethical food substitute


Fog is holding the sweet smell of the apple blossoms which hang in full bloom all along the cliffs of the bay. Somehow an etherial Mt Fuji has
presented itself for contemplation at the “head-of-the-tide”. Trees have dressed themselves completely in variations of green and the bees have already discovered the hanging flowers of the maple trees. This is early summer at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary.

Last winter was very mild and the bees came out of the hives in March in great numbers. Every hive had a healthy life force with no signs of disease. It is such a wonderful feeling to see them emerge from their hive and go straight to work gathering the
pollen which is so essential for their new brood and expansion of the hive. We did give them extra insulation to the North for the winter months, but we believe the positioning of every hive body on the intersection of ley lines was one of the most helpful ingredients in helping the bees survive the winter months. Naturally
leaving 150 lbs of honey and pollen per hive, not exposing the bees nor the hive to poisons and chemicals , respecting the rhythmic natural cycles
of the hive in our working with the bees and keeping electric magnetic pollution from the hives as much as possible ,all contribute to
the result of happy bees floating up into the air and coming back with pockets full of multi-colored pollen.

Recently a person, concerned about the honey bees, wrote an email inquiring into the ethics of buying bee pollen. How wonderful that people are becoming more and more aware of ” the big picture ” of food these days and considering the ethical,
ecological and spiritual issues and responsibilities surrounding their involvement in their day to day actions of living life -for example, buying honey or pollen or royal jelly. In a previous article on this blog we wrote about the vegan requirements for ethical
honey. Now we shall address the fact that there is no such thing as “ethical” pollen. And even worse is the taking of “royal jelly”……simply put, it is a crime against nature .


Bee drumming-17

Pollen are first found in the alders in the early spring and it is a timely protein provision for feeding the baby bees who have been newly birthed in the hive and for feeding all the bees in the hive as they wait for the right warm temperatures to leave it for gathering.. The nectar from the dandelion and other early plants is also gathered and turned into honey by the bees, to provide the hive with carbohydrates.
When the great bounty of blossoms appear in early summer it is known as “high season” for the bees and there is so much pollen and nectar available from all of the blossoming trees and flowers that it is now the bees Expansion of the Hive cycle. The pollens come in varying colours from bright yellows and oranges to greens and whites. The bees return to the hive with back- pouches full of pollen. When you observe a hive you can easily see these pollen on the bees back legs. The bees make Bee Bread from pollen and fermented honey which they feed to the baby bees when they are around four days old. . All bees of the Hive depend upon Pollen and especially the brood.

Pollen is stored for future survival of the hive.

QUESTION: Why can’t a pollen trap be placed in the entrance to the hive to take some of the extra pollen from the bees;, after all we take the “extra” honey?

The pollen is a very important protein food to the bees and without protein the bees will die. There is ethically no acceptable “substitute” for natural pollen gathered by
the bees in nature, no matter what product some company is flogging. GMO soya “pollen” patties, or any other pollen substitute  products offered on the market are Not Pollen. Some of these “products” say they have a small percentage of natural pollen in them, but they are not True 100% natural pollen which the bees need .  No more than most of the food at the supermarket today is  real natural food but rather it is  only “chemically produced edible product” of GMO corn or soya, HFCS and other chemical concoctions; but not truly natural food with great life forces to nurture our children or ourselves. What we do to the bees we do to ourselves.   Unlike the nectar substitute which we can make from stored honey supplies from our own bees and herbals and Young Living organic essences of plants, to help the bees when there is a dirth of nectar from the plants; pollen needs to be solely sourced by the bees directly from nature.

If we have frames with so much pollen in them that the bees need room to store honey and raise brood in that space within the hive, we remove this pollen- laden- frame and freeze it. When food is short for the bees, or a young nucleus colony  or swarm requires instant protein,  the pollen frames go back into those  hives for the bees to be nurtured.

QUESTION: I wish to have pollen for my overall health and so is there any ethical source for pollen?

No and Yes.  There is no ethical source of bee pollen for a “consumer product” which has been gathered with pollen traps at the entrance to the bee hives
and then bottled for sale as a supplement. But organic raw unfiltered Honey has pollen in it, as well as propolis, which is nature’s anti-biotic.
Find someone who is selling RAW, UNFILTERED, BIODYNAMIC,or ORGANIC HONEY and you have an ethical source of pollen in the honey.

Remember that the pollen in the stores has usually  come from  commercial honey-factory-farms which have used many chemicals and poisons  inside and outside the hive and they are found in the wax, honey,pollen  and bodies of the bees. It does not make sense to take such a by-product of that paradigm of chemical farming and consume it for your health.  Illogical.

QUESTION: In places where there is no winter, they can have a continual source of pollen coming all year long. Is it ethical to buy these pollen?

The Hive is not a Commodity Factory, regardless of what practices have evolved due to our momentary evolutionary drop into mechanistic thinking. This lapse in our Higher Consciousness is passing and Human Beings are gaining their Freedom to think with their Hearts , which by the way, has 500 times more electro-magnetic energy than the brain. Just like the Bees have their Bee Space it is up to us all to make the little decisions in our day- to- day life to Create new Spaces  to Dream new dreams about the world we wish to live in.
The majority of Human Beings are bored with “stuff” and with being enslaved, unhappy consumers and the shift to creating new Spaces for a new earth sometimes is as
easy as asking the right questions and choosing to live as harmlessly as possible a creative and happy life. New Spaces for a new earth – lots of
places to look up such discussions on this shift . Everyone’s Heart already knows its own destiny and if you see clearly the issues involved in commodifying a loving and serving-of-humanity -and the- earth living organism, such as the Bee and the Hive, into a Mechanistic Factory for mono-cultured pollination services, trapped pollen supply, honey taken and high fructose corn syrup sugar substitutes given for the bees to eat instead of their honey, propolis removal for bottling
and Queens raised and killed to extract royal jelly, then you can apply what you now See to the paradigm in which you live. Choices –
we change the world to a better place by recognizing we have choices, one Human Being at a time.


biodynamic beekeeping course 2016

Spring is definitely here in Nova Scotia and once again we will be offering two Natural Beekeeping Workshops based on Biodynamic Principles on June 11th and 12th or June 14th and June 15th.



Bello Uccello Honeybee Sanctuary, a Demeter certified biodynamic honey bee
sanctuary, will be holding it’s ninth Natural Beginners Beekeeping Workshops based on
Biodynamic Principles on

Saturday June 11th and Sunday June 12th or on Tuesday,
June l4th and Wednesday June l5th, 2016.

The course is two full days and only two courses are held per year with a limited registration of participants. They fill up quickly.
Klaus Langpohl, an experienced, certified biodynamic beekeeper, will be your Guide
as he shares with you, one-on-one, the Amazing Life of the Honey Bee, inside and
outside of the Hive . The Bees and the Hive will be your Teacher. The workshop is
designed to prepare you for your journey to become a Natural Beekeeper based on
biodynamic principles. This is an intensive l5 hours of classroom and outdoor, hands-on
experiences. In a small class setting you will learn about the world of the Queen of the
Sun and you will:
– learn about the science of the bee and the hive and the life cycle of the bee
– discover how to take care of the bees without chemicals,
– gain hands on experiences with the hives,gaining confidence in approaching,
observing and working with the hive throughout the season  and learning about the equipment and assembly of a hive
– practice the art of inspecting the hive and Seeing what to look for as a natural
– learn about the pests and diseases which threaten the bees and natural solutions to
these challenges
– discover the calendar of beekeeping as a biodynamic beekeeper and view the natural
world relationships which influence the honey bee
– meet others in a small class setting who are also environmentally conscious and place
a high value on organic/biodynamic food quality
– learn how to regress the size of the honey cell back to its original mite resistant size
– discover how to locate a hive on your property


We would appreciate your forwarding this notice to other friends of the honey bee whom you think would be interested in becoming a Natural Beekeeper.  We and the Bees thank you .

Nectar – Soul Essence of Flowers & Trees

Greetings from Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary and the very healthy honey bees buzzing around the hives today.  Our glasshouse was almost 100 degrees and windows had to be opened to deal with the heat of the sun on this February day.  Every hive is buzzing and doing cleansing flights.  All is well in the sanctuary this winter.  We are preparing for our courses for June and we are accepting requests for information on them now.



Flowers of last summer were abundant.

Sometimes sitting back and contemplating on not just the details but also attempting to see the Big Picture is worthy of consideration. There were so many strange things happening in Nature last summer that we waited until we heard from many of the local beekeepers before we came to any hasty conclusions about what all of this might mean.

Our summer was beautiful, one could say “idyllic” and the foggy mists from St Mary’s Bay moistened the shoreline and the fields in the morning and the
wonderful mists of the evening also gave droplets of the essence of life to all of the wild flowers, trees and the bees. It was the first “high season” of the year
for the honey bees. The flowers were in abundance, the sun radiated forth its life-giving nourishment and we awaited the signs from the bees to give additional Space for their anticipated expansion of their Hive. Long before mankind was involved in the bees rhythmic cycle during the “honey flow period” of the Year, this expansion cycle was happening for the honey bee and the hive. But……this year something changed.

Because our relationship with the bees is one where we are observing a lot and trying to learn more about them and what they have to teach us about symbiotic relationships in nature and with Life itself; we noticed that the activity of the hive was very “internal” and that not much was happening externally. This is at a time where the bees are usually flying from the first sign of the rising sun in the morning to the last sign of the setting sun in the evening. We knew something was amiss, but logically nothing could be wrong. Finally we opened up a hive and there were the bees in the thousands and they were creating lots of brood throughout the hive and consuming the small honey stores which they had been left from the Spring. The bees were not gathering enough nectar to fill the cells in the hive to keep the Queen laying in an orderly pattern . No nectar to fill the spaces equals the Queen laying many more eggs, which will also require much more honey, which just was not there! The bees were actually on their way to starvation. Every hive had the same story to tell. So we immediately went to the deep freezer and brought out the honey of theirs which we freeze for emergencies and started feeding every hive. Now here is the funny thing – the bees were eating the honey and feeding the honey to the increasing number of baby bees but their rhythm of flying off and gathering the nectar from the plants was not really happening. How odd…………………..The Rhythm of the bees in the Hive had been disturbed by the lack of nectar in the flowers and plants. We needed to help bring back the Rhythm again. The pure honey was not doing it. It was keeping them alive and they were making brood but the Rhythm was way out of balance. Honey is not the same as Nectar to the honey bee. It became obvious to us that what the bees needed was Nectar and not honey. When they have the Nectar they will fill that watery substance in the empty cells in the hive and that will stop the overproduction of the brood and leave the bees to make the honey from the nectar and the natural ancient Rhythms and life cycles of the Hive will be Restored.


Last summers bounty was amazing.  Lots of pollen but no nectar.

So we resorted to creating Steiner’s Bee Tea with honey rather than sugar as the substitute for the natural nectar, along with the flower essences.

1 liter water
2 kilos organic white cane sugar (at least make sure your sugar is non-GMO)
10% of the sugar for this recipe should be honey or even a higher ratio if possible. We use only honey from our freezer now.
1/2 cup of strong chamomile tea or 1 drop of Young Living or doTerra edible Chamomile Essential Oil
3 drops of Young Living or do Terra edible Lemon Oil
1 drop of Young Living or doTerra edible Lemongrass Oil
1 drop of Young Living or doTerra edible Spearmint Oil
one small pinch of grey sea salt
Dissolve the sugar and honey into the water with the grey salt over a med high heat until the sugar is completely dissovled into the liquid
The syrup must never boil or bubble, but must be hot enough to thoroughly integrate the crystals into the water. After removing from the heat, you
can wait 20 minutes and then add the rest of the ingredients.. When the liquid completely cools it will not crystallize but be a clear liquid. It should not have crystal formations in it.

(should you wish to purchase these oils wholesale just use this Sponsor-Enroller No. 3514264 and remember to check No Emails)



The honey we had plenty of, but to obtain the high quality of essences of lemongrass, lemon, chamomile and spearmint which were 100% pure, edible  and organic and which had no fillers in them was the challenge. The bees needed the Real thing. So once again the bees have given us a Life Enhancing Lesson which has benefited not only them but us and hopefully you too. We did not know that when you read a label which says 100% pure essential oil on a bottle of essential oil, the FDA requires only 5% of the contents to be the oil and the rest can be filler. The filler can be anything, including very inedible and sometimes toxic substances to our bodies and the bees bodies also. The bees needed a therapeutic , edible , organic quality of essential oils and we found them. There were two very popular companies which sold them – doTerra and Young Living. Holding our noses because of the multi-level marketing structure which one jumps through to obtain the oils, we entered 100% into the Dance with Essences .The oils had life” frequencies” which were so strong we knew the bees would be truly nourished with them  and now these essences, which are the “soul of the plant”, are also part of our daily life.  The frequencies of the oils are just what we needed and this is a journey we recommend highly for the happiness and well-beingness of your quality of life at this time on the planet. …. and once again it is thanks to the honey bees that this citizen medicine revelation  has come into our life at this time.If you are interested is seeing what the essential oils can do for you, we recommend reading “Reference Guide for Essential Oils” by Connie and Alan Higley.  What an eye opener. This is the wisdom which has been lost for a long time and it is the book which we have been looking for for decades.


The bee tea was made, and within a few days the bees were back to business-as-usual and you could see that they were consuming the tea and starting to expand the hive with nectar and making honey from the nectar.. This took us through the period of no nectar in the plants. It was great when the next “honey flow ” came and the flowers actually had nectar this time. The bees were healthy, the hives were huge and life once again returned to the Rhythm of the sanctuary.

QUESTION: why no nectar in the plants ?

So what on earth happened? Now here is where it gets very interesting. The local small beekeepers started coming to us and talking about the same thing. Lots of pollen and lots of flowers but no nectar. This translated to them as less honey. Then came the letter from a scientist friend of ours in Ethiopia and the report on the bees there was that the flowers were plentiful but the nectar was very little. So one has to say whatever is going on looks a bit global in its nature.

So here is our Question:

With the amount of proof from out-of-the-closet scientists and thousands and thousands of people, like you and me, all reporting the same thing, one can at least put the Question: Does the spraying of chemicals from the geoengineering taking place so heavily in our skies have something to do with the drying up of the nectar? It was not a lack of moisture for the flowers, nor was there a lack of flowers. Who gave whomever- it- is which is poisoning our “Commonly Owned Atmosphere” the right to bring such a death-fed of aluminum, barium, strontium etc. into the sacred cycle of life on this planet, which we are all symbiotically living within. Why is there no one stopping this? Our soil and our rivers and even the sludge from our sewer systems are all indicating elevated numbers of these toxins when they are tested. Since our country and others have signed “treaties” with each other to not create weather and/or do this geoengineering in the other country’s skies, it seems logical that perhaps this is something happening in the” here and now” of our lives. Could this explain why the trees, the plants, the animals and the bees are suffering from the “application of geoengineering of our skies”—-as well as we human beings? . What can we do to have this stopped? Can the bees continue to live a “natural cycle” when the flowers and trees are having their life essence sucked  dry by the drying agents  sprayed from the air ?

As with all things it is good to see the government documentation where you can to confirm such questions; but also consider citizen science,which holds merit and is worthy of  consideration.  Since our skies continue to be geoengineered we worry about the future of the bee and again we will say – what happens to the bees is happening to us.  Their fate and ours will be the same.





Bee drumming-25It was great to have the Demeter inspector come to visit the honey bee sanctuary and sit with us to discuss the work which we are doing with the honey bees. Or should I say, the work the honey bees are doing with us:-}! Each one of
the Hives in the Sanctuary has its name and also a “biography” of a certain sort. Every observation we have of the hive is noted in a book for that hive and every action we do with the hive is also carefully recorded. When the hive swarms
we keep the “family records” in the new book for the new hive and also make note of the name of the swarm in its “mother’s hive” record book. These records are referred to often as we look at how we can help the bees thrive. For instance, this year we did “ashing of mites” and this is a biodynamic method of dynamising the ashes of varroa
mites and then on a date when the cosmic and earth influences are just right (and we use the Maria Thun Planting Calendar to know which day that  date is) we spray the inside of the hive with a homeopathic dilution of the ashes.
How to Do Biodynamic Ashing of the Hive for Varroa Mites

1. Collect the varroa mites located on your bottom board of the hives. You will need minimum of 50 mites , and the more the better.
Collect them in a glass jar for next years ashing.

2. Usually in the month of May, when the moon is in Taurus, the biodynamic ashing can take place. Please check your Maria Thun calendar to confirm the exact date.

3. Create a small wood fire in a tin  with very dry wood which produces embers which glow for a long time, like oak, birch,beech. Once the
embers are bright red and glowing and the fire has disappeared, empty the varroa mites from your jar onto the embers. Cover the
embers with a lid and leave . When you check the embers later there should be only ash in a light gray in colour and not black.

4. When everything in your container has cooled down, sift the ash into another bowl, through a sieve, which will remove the charcoal debris.


5. Place the ashes in a mortar which is made from glass, porcelain or stone. With a pestle, rhythmically in a clockwise and counter clockwise direction grind the ashes in the mortar for one hour. This process is the dynamising of the ashes and it provides you with the Base Substance.

6. This Base Substance can be applied in two ways to the hive:

1. Use the Base Substance, put into a shaker with a fine head and apply directly to the bees within the hive. You can sprinkle lightly over the frames
and the bees directly and this method is called Peppering.. We personally do not do this method due to the lack of volume of ashes required.

2. Or, using the Base Substance, create a homeopathic solution by potentising the ash with water which can then be sprayed lightly over the bees
and frames within the hive at the correct date.


Potentising is creating a homeopathic solution by diluting the Base Substance by the following process:

1. Put 9 parts of water into a glass, stone or clay container. Add 1 part of the Base Substance. (example: 9 tablespoons of water to 1 tablespoon of Base Substance )
This ratio can be made either by volume as previously noted or by weight.

2. Always start with the diluting matter, in our case water and add the Base Substance measurement to it.

3. With a wooden stir stick stir the mixture in a rhythmic motion creating a vortex (funnel shape) . Once the vortex has been created deep down in your container
you then reverse the direction you are stirring and create a vortex again in the other direction  and continue this rhythm clockwise and counterclock wise stirring for 3 minutes. We have now created D1.

4. This volume of D1 potency is now your measurement for the next step. The ratio now changes to 10 base solution to 90 water. You will need 90 times the volume of D1 potency in water volume.

5. Repeat Step 3. You now have created a D2 potency.

6. Now you continue to use the 10:90 ratio to create D3 and then D4. By now your containers are getting huge in volume and so at D4 we label the jar “D4 and the date”
and “Varroa Mite “. This will be our supply for years for making new potencies.

7. From now on we will go back to a 1 part to 9 part ratio of dilution (like in step 1) . Example 1 Tablespoon of D4 and 9 Tablespoon of Water and repeat the vortex
stirring for three minutes. This will create D5 and from D5 you will create D6 up to D8. D8 is the potency we are looking for. D8 is what is recommend in treating the honey bee hive for varroa mites.

8. Spray lightly the D8 onto the bees and the frames on the right day.

Now it is important to know that everything is about Life Enhancement and Respect for Life and Nothing is being Killed here. We as Human Beings
are created to manifest our lives and the work we do on this Earth  through our Heart Center and the nurturing Human Heart is  incapable of killing anything. We have no intent in killing the mites. This treatment is to create an influence within the hive where there is an interference with the natural reproductive cycle of the varroa mite. Our wish is that the mites no longer find the hive a suitable place for their life cycle. In Biodynamic Beekeeping our Intent is for balance and harmony and it is never to enter into the polarized- world- vision of a “justified war” on life. The Intent quite simply is to help the honey bees and their hive enjoy a place of health and happiness, in a harmonious environment. It is important to remember there is nothing natural about the varroa mite being a predator within the hive—- it was Mankind who created the situation where our greed for more and bigger brought us to create the supersized wax cells in the foundation of the hive . It is because of those unnaturally large sized cells within the hive that the predator, namely the varroa mite, is able to live. The cells in our hives are being Regressed in Size and that means that the varroa mite also finds
it a place where it no longer flourishes.
We still lightly spray the bees with EM for probiotic nourishment for their immune system and for mite control and we also still lightly dust the bees with organic white sugar which has been turned into powder in our Bullet. The cycle of the mite needs to
be kept in mind as one does these procedures and after you do this, you need to repeat the application within 21.days. These dates are all put into the records of each hive as reminders of actions which need to be carried out at a future date. You cannot
“wing it” with the bees, there are so many important pieces of information which are referred back to many times in one season.Naturally the notes also start to form a bigger picture of the supra-organism of the “hive” and it is at that level that true relationship
with the world of the honey bee Begins.



The Russian Swarm boxes, which we referred to in an earlier blog, are working out very well. We have had four swarms and three of them were not from our hives. They were visitors from elsewhere. However the one swarm from the “Paul hive,”
named after our friend in Bear River where Klaus rescued a hive from his very high chimney several years ago, is worthy of a comedy play.

Klaus saw the capped Queen cells in Paul a few days before the swarm happened and he knew he needed to inspect the hive very soon to see what was going on, because there seemed to be “less activity” at the hive for three days. We arrived at 10ish
at the sanctuary and within minutes a swarm of  bees, hiding in the   neighbouring field, came flying by the thousands towards the sanctuary. Unfortunately the neighbours were mowing and trimming grass and bushes and the noise from the machines  seemed to bother the swarm and so they all landed in the row of cherry trees along the sanctuary’s driveway, just above the hives. They rested only a few minutes and  then they took off down the Hwy 101 and Klaus went for the Jeep with the equipment for catching swarms ……and my appointed job was to follow the swarm. This is where all dignity was abandoned -I found myself in the center  of the swarm, running down the main highway with bees all around me. As  we ran together I shouted  a  warning to the dismayed pet owners coming out of the  local vets office, and ignored the surprised  faces of the folks having an ice cream cone in front of the local kwik way, as  I continued to run with the bees. They then did a 45 degree turn onto
a side road and after trespassing through three backyards I found myself at a woods edge where the bees seemed to have dove head-first out of site. By this time the “Jeep scout” was looking for me and he  braved the wood- thicket to find our wonderful, happy, regressed -sized-bee- friends,  sitting in a spruce tree 60 feet high!!!!!!! There was an old car graveyard next to this wood and after accepting that perhaps
Paul’s Rebirth of the Hive may have manifested as a new “Hippie Hive” living in a 1967 volkswagen bus, we said our goodbyes to the swarm and wished them well and left.

Honey bees finding a new home in the wild is something to celebrate and so we went to town and bought ourselves an ice cream to celebrate this amazing event of the Sanctuary. On the way home we drove up to the woods to look at the swarm one more time and they had already left. Perhaps that old orange coloured Volkswagen bus with Peace written on its side was a meant-to-bee for the bees……….being Love Beings and all. Two kilometers later, as we drove down our quarter-of-a-mile long lane, Klaus saw a black thing on the side of the honey house deck. By the time we were half way down the lane we both had wild, impossible Imaginations going through our heads. Finally passion got the best of Klaus and he stopped the Jeep and ran diagonally through the fields  towards the honey house. There they were —-Paul’s babies had found us! Klaus had left another two- super- bait box on the honey house deck and the bees which had left their original home located a couple of kilometers away, were now marching inside their new home very quickly. This hive became a three super hive within a week – the largest swarm yet.

So the moral of the story is – just let them go and if they wish they will find you!



June was a wonderful month at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary , with two groups of absolutely wonderful people coming together, at the Sanctuary, to learn more about the hive and the bees. The bees were their usual great Teachers, Klaus was their willing and learned guide and together we all formed a positive, enthusiastic “hive of friends of the bees”, prepared  to be counted as people ready  to discover a New Bee Culture based on an Ethical, Spiritual and Ecological approach .  What a privilege it is to meet other people who are ready, willing  and able to bring their life forces and Intent to learning about the honey bee  and growing their own experiences in their lives, from the lessons taught by  the honey bees; one of nature’s finest Ambassadors..

Isn’t it interesting that nature Never Lies (how noble  is that!) and it makes one wonder how we as sacred Human Beings have somehow found ourselves in a world where we, mostly unconsciously, participate in the enslaving, poisoning, exterminating,destroying,consuming and carrying out  innumerable other acts of “separated consciousness”on the Web of Life which supports our very existence on this beautiful planet?   The good news is that from our experiences lately we can see   there is a huge shift taking place at this time  in many arenas of life,  in the warm and loving Hearts and Imaginations of mankind    and every one of us can make the small choices in our daily life which supports those shifts and enlivens our lives with rich experiences and creative manifestations which all come from within ourselves.

The bees are Love Beings and you can feel their basic Song of Joy though-out  your whole body if you stop and listen.  The honey they make can only be full of amazing life enhancing properties and happiness because the source of the honey comes from a Place of Life , just as our Dreams of Joy for mankind Imagined from our Hearts also comes from such a Place of Life.  These thoughts are far from the transgenic agenda  encircling our lives like the Predator Agenda it is. .

The language which developed around beekeeping during the past century, is one of commercialization of the hive and the bee. In other words
the bees went from a symbiotic part of an agrarian way of life With us and an integral  Creative Beeing within the web- of- life in our earth’s landscape, to a controlled-
enslaved ‘manifestation’ within the Honey Factory. Thus is the plight of the honey bee today.

I could go on forever with the Addiction our culture has to commodifying  the “All of Life”, including Human Beings;, but there are strong hearted individuals  out there serving humanity by making that phenomena very clear – check out a Waldorf teacher, named  Cara St Louis and her  utubes.
What has happened to the bees is happening to us all, and it is when we look at the Big Picture happening to the web-of-life on this sacred planet  that we can feel and see the plight of the honey bee and the hive best……and also ourselves.

Bee the Change you wish to See.