August in the Apiary

Bee with an Umbrella

Its raining today and the bees aren’t too happy.  They’re staying in their hives to keep dry – my wife thinks they should have little umbrellas.

While the bees have been resting up, I’ve been busy extracting 20 frames of honey and have started getting ready for my next beekeeping workshop on august 25-26.  The course is already at full capacity  and its going to be an intense couple of days.  We’ll be building hives and teaching both experienced and aspiring beekeepers how to really take good care of their bees.  Happy bees in healthy hives make for really good honey.

As an added bonus, the first day of the course is also the evening when the Digby Neck will be holding its community potluck supper so we and any of the participants who wish to come,  will be driving down after the course for a relaxing August evening on Lake Midway.

Some English friends of ours who recently moved to Nova Scotia and who  have a beautiful farm with heritage pigs that run through the woods freely,  have started their first new hive and I’ve been helping them out.  It only took a day for robber bees to find their hive so we had to have a quick lesson  on protecting bees.  When we purchased our  first hive  we had a huge swarm of raider Italian bees come buzzing into the apiary to challenge our rather timid bees.  As we shuffled through books and pages of books, wildly I might say,  to see what to do, we had a crash course on protecting our bee hive.  That was four years ago, and the bees have taught us much since then and continue to do so. As a side note the Italian bees like to “borrow honey” from other hives and they are pretty good at letting you know what they do and don’t like – rather bossy really – not like those gentle, easygoing carniolan bees that make Bello Uccello their home.



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