Abundance of Honey & 2nd Natural Beekeeping Workshop

The bees at Bello Uccello apiary are really making babies and lots of honey these days.  Living by St Mary’s Bay gives them a very special source of nectar , especially the sea lavender growing wild in our Cove.  When you walk into the apiary the smell of the honey is overwhelming!  Last Saturday we attended our local farmer’s market, at Annapolis Royal. It was a special day for the market, since it was also Paint the Town and artists from around the province were perched in various locations throughout the town painting.  The “cookie lady”, Honey, made her very special orange sugar cookies in the shape of miniature artist’s pallets and gave them out to people at the market.  They were excellent!

One of the great things about selling honey at the market is that we get to meet some very interesting people who are working on similar projects and global issues as we are.  There is so much to learn!  Also we give out tasting samples of our honey and the look on people’s faces when they taste this wildflower,natural,  unpasteurized, gravity-lightly filtered honey for the first time is rewarding and just plain joyful. Most say they have never tasted honey like it before and without exception the reactions are very positive.  We now have some of our customers acting in suspect ways with the honey – they are hiding it from their families!  They are confirmed Honey Addicts!  One nurse said she just gave up using a knife and bothering to put it on toast or bread / she just goes in with a spoon  and eats it straight from the jar.  It is really amazing to see how people can really discern the difference between something good for them and something laden with stress and chemicals, etc. Our next market will be Thanksgiving weekend.

The Natural Beekeeping Workshop is shaping up very well and Klaus has a really excellent agenda ready for the participants.  I sort of blew the budget on the part I have to  play in this workshop – all I had to do was prepare drinks and make a lunch.  By the time I was through with the lunch planning it looks something like this:  Shaker Baked Beans, small quiches,  homemade biscuits and homemade baked breads with spiced blueberry jam and homemade marmalade, a sushi tray, a veggie/cheese tray, homemade bran, orange date and blueberry muffins, fair trade coffee and teas, chocolate milk, organic chocolate,chip cookies , a huge German homemade organic Topfen (lemon cheesecake,sort of), a fruit tray with chocolate fondue sauce————-will everyone just want to sleep for the afternoon?????? Our daughter has volunteered to plan the next workshop’s menu :}

We are offering another Natural Beekeeping Workshop on September 8th and 9th and this will be the last beginners workshop for the year.  If you are interested in this one, please do get in touch soon.   In the Spring 2012 we will begin again to offer a couple of workshops to help people start their hives then.  The long range plans include a one day workshop on Winterizing the Hives and that will take place in December 2012.



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