Here at Bello Uccello we certainly were busy last week with our first workshop.  The Natural Beekeeping workshop brought in  people from different walks of life and different parts of the Province.  The problem of the demise of the honeybee is a global one and attending this


workshop to become part of a positive global response to this problem,  were people originally  from Newfoundland, Cornwall England, Glasgow Scotland, Manitoba, Bear River, Halifax and Austria . Just like  the hive itself has babies, we had two absolutely adorable baby twins attending the entire workshop with their parents. The sincerity of the group was remarkable and after ploughing through the “natural science part ie the life cycle of the bee” they were game to put together the hive system which we have developed for the health of the bees and to investigate a live hive. After a day of   no stings, lots of Sissiboo Coffee, homemade muffins and food, discussions,  and more presentations by Klaus, we drove off to Digby Neck’s Lake Midway for a community potluck supper.  Luckily we had lots of our Shaker Baked Beans to share and a veggie tray and we sat on our wool car blankets and had good conversations, met good people and this  finished the day off “Nova Scotia style”.  It was the God’s being kind to us that made the rain happen during the night so that the next day it was sunny and the  lessons could take place in the apiary at Bello Uccello.  The bees were very cooperative!  The temperature in the bee suits is something to get used to and it was very hot in the apiary and in the honey house.  Two hours past the time when the course was scheduled to conclude everyone swarmed back to the workshop facility for farewells and departures.  The feedback of the workshop  was very positive and with the help of these new friends and all the others around the globe who are embracing biodynamic principles and natural beekeeping and sustainable Life practices,  we believe that mankind can transform the world.  Was it Ghandi who said “change yourself and you change the world”.

NOTICE:  The last Natural Beekeeping Course for Beginners and for those who wish to change from chemical beekeeping to biodynamic beekeeping, for this year, will take place September 8th – 9th at Gilberts Cove, Nova Scotia.  The cost of the course is $200.00 inclusive of meals and course materials.  If you are thinking of becoming a keeper of bees  in the Spring, this course would be helpful to you, as we teach about the bee, its needs, and a system which will help  you to provide a healthy bee environment. Call 902-837-1030 to book.



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