Just as Fall is” just around the corner”, so is our last Natural Beekeeping Workshop.There are two spaces still available.  September 8th and 9th will be the last workshop for this year; however next year we have a full agenda in the making, including a Father and Son Beekeeping Workshop, a Beginners Natural Beekeeping Workshop, and hopefully there will be interest in our Backyard Garden Natural Beekeeping Workshop for Seniors.  It is interesting that many seniors take up the pleasing past time of gardening, but not so much the rewarding hobby of a backyard beehive.  To a bee there is no separation between itself and the flowers – they live in a perfect symbiosis.  By making small sized hives, for lighter weight consideration, we think that there are retired people who would love to add the role of a keeper of bees to their garden and life and be part of a global solution in helping the honeybee.  More on this later.

The golden rod is in full bloom, the bees are busier than ever and somehow we need to reduce the height of each of  these tall towers which make up a single hive to just two supers each! We are busy lightly  dusting the frames of bees in the hives with ultra finely ground sugar.  I use the magic bullet to get the desired results and the white sugar looks more like icing sugar, but perhaps finer.  What this does is get the bees to groom themselves and each other.  In so doing they discover a mite, if it is on them, and they will remove the mite and drop it to the bottom board of the hive . .  The varroa mite is the one which you hear much about in the news.  They have little suction cup like feet to hold themselves onto the bee and when the dusting sugar is applied, the suction disappears and the mites actually fall off.  What a fun cartoon picture that would be.

It is interesting to note that here on St Mary’s Bay we get the most amazing sunsets one can imagine.  Sky on fire, blazing yellow red horizons, and the water a liquid blue gold. It is to some degree, surreal.  From Bello Uccello we can look up the Bay to the lighthouse in one direction  and   to the end of the Bay, miles away, up the other direction, and the entire golden red blue horizon is outlined with a dark thin strip which is Digby Neck. So yellow golden rod filling the fields along the shoreline, golden sunsets and tens of  thousands of yellow happy bees – definitely you can Colour Our World Yellow!  Reflecting on all of this made the decision to make our wildflower honey jar label golden yellow was an obvious choice.


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