LANGPOHL NATURAL BEEHIVE SYSTEM & travelling keeper of bees

japanese woodblock print Yoshitoshi 1800's


It is the Harvest Moon Festival for a very large part of our planet’s population tonight.  The moon was so crystal clear and bright last night, that we can’t wait to see how it looks tonight.  After finishing the last of our Natural Beekeeping Workshops for this year  and other projects, we look forward to sharing green tea on the deck tonight and just enjoying  the full moon.    The Chinese serve moon cakes on this day and the Koreans are all leaving the cities and going back to their rural village roots to
celebrate the harvest and to honour their ancestors.  When I was living in Korea I had the opportunity to visit a friends house in the country side at Chuseok and on the trip there we stopped at a roadside Honey House.  It was amazing – there was only the main highway and no other shops or gas stations, or anything else – just this Honey House filled to the top with an amazing variety of decorative jars of honey which had hues from light- corn -syrupy looking to dark- molasses looking.  My choice was a huge jar with a large chunk of honey comb floating in the liquid.  So obviously there are many countries, besides Canada, that have their huge honey harvest take place in autumn’s September/October.

Klaus has been in the apiary today downsizing those huge towers of honey- filled- supers to three or four. Not all of this honey harvest is for us, in fact, we leave the bees around 100 lbs of honey per hive,  for the winter and we freeze frames of their honey also for Spring.    For those of you who have bees, you might enjoy knowing that if you put these frames of honey and frames of honey and pollen in your freezer now, you can feed them to the bees in the early Spring, when nectar and pollen are scarce.  The honey will not crystallize if frozen, and you can avoid the whole sugar water feeding.  If you must do the sugar water feeding, then it is important to make up the biodynamic mixture recipe ,as it is the closest to nectar and it does not freeze easily.

Our Natural Beekeeping Workshop, held the end of last week, was great and it is a nice feeling to know that we now have 14 people who
have learned about the stewardship of naturally  taking care of bees with biodynamic beekeeping principles and the Langpohl Natural Beehive
System !  Bello Uccello Estate Apiary will now make available for sale  the  unique parts to our beehive  system, so any beekeeper could make the adjustments to their hives and see an immediate difference ,for the better, in their hives.  We will also make available for sale healthy hive  splits, next Spring, to  people who have taken the natural beekeeping workshop with us. Our bees have been raised with Love in a system designed for their health and happiness, and we wish their “rebirthed hive splits” to enjoy the same treatment.


Here is an idea which we think one of the participants will be looking into – a Keeper of Bees Service where he would travel  from one small scale farm to the next,within a certain radius,  taking care of the bees at those farms, instead of this unacceptable practice of moving a bee’s universe,namely their hives, from one pollination service location  to the next.  Some amazing things could happen with this idea – abundant pollination of all of your gardens and the area resulting in Abundant Life;   hedgerow development to make sure the bees had a variety of food sources available to them throughout the seasons and these hedgerows would  bring beneficial biodiversity to the farm;, healthy bees because they are not being stressed by moving and mono culture diets such as blueberries, apples, etc.  and a resulting  wonderful high quality honey. By several chemical free  farms sharing the costs of a trained natural beekeeper taking care of their hives, the whole idea is possible.  If you have an organic farm, garden or backyard beehive or know of someone who might be interested in this Travelling Keeper of Bees idea, and would like to look into this possibility, do write us at . We will keep you posted on the developments from this end.

Enjoy the bright moon – and sweet dreams!


1 thought on “LANGPOHL NATURAL BEEHIVE SYSTEM & travelling keeper of bees

  1. Hello – thank you for all the work you’ve been doing. I leave in the Valley and would like to be part of either your next training session or be volonteering. I know nothing but really interested to learn.

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