Song of the Bees

Here at Bello Uccello Apiary we have been very busy this summer, with the Bees always leading the way to teach us new
things. The wonderful Blue Moon this week reminded us that perhaps it is time(once- in -a- blue moon) to make an entry onto our blog This is the first year that the apiary has the look of the skyline of Singapore or Hong Kong with seven to eight super-high hives populating the small apiary which is now located
at our cottage. Klaus is balancing himself on step ladders as he inspects the hives to see if the honey is capped over and ready to remove from the

A new challenge came to us when a lady phoned, asking if we could remove bees from her house. She had already called pest control and she really did not
wish them dead, but rather she just wanted the bees to leave the inside wall of her house, where they had set up residence last fall. So to do this operation
one must use bee psychology – convince the bees that moving to a new home one or two feet from their present abode is not all that bad. Klaus
covered the entrance hole into the wall of the house with a wire mesh cone. This enables the bees to fly out but they cannot find their way back into
the small hole at the end of the cone. He then set up a two super hive next to the cone, so that the bees who cannot return to the original hive
can start to investigate this new home which happens to have a couple of frames of capped over brood and eggs inside of it waiting for attention. Bees are Love by nature and they start to take care of these babies and eggs as soon as they find them. Soon you have the bees from the house now living in a new hive where they produced
a new queen from the eggs. Life being full of surprises, made this operation a bit more challenging. The lovely old farm house with its rock wall foundation
was not as airtight as it could be and so the bees found other entrance holes into their home and after three visits the holes were all sealed tight and
the population was living in the new supers. In the meantime the poor homeowner had watched a TV news story where someone had bees inside of their home and
the pest control ended up demolishing the entire house to the ground to get rid of the bees! Then we found in the ceiling of the verandah a hornet’s nest and they must have had the newly hatched Queen for lunch when she went out of the hive on her maiden flight because she had disappeared. So again we had to add more frames of brood and eggs. This weekend we will check to see if the new Queen has emerged and lived and if so the cone will be removed from the house. This will enable the bees, which now identify with the new hive and Queen ,go back into the house cavity and steal all of the honey and bring it back to their new home. The house entrance hole will be then sealed, after the honey has been removed by the bees and this all means that there will not be that food source left there for ants, rodents or perhaps another scouting honeybees to find. It never ceases to amaze us how respecting Life and working with Nature brings Solutions where Life is enhanced. The bees have a new home
where they will be added to our out apiary, the honey will be used to feed the hive for the winter and perhaps there may even be some extra to sell !

We love to go to the farmers market to sell our honey. It is the time when we get to talk with people about the honeybees and to share with them why our
honey is special and some of the reasons why the honeybee is being killed. We also like the look on their faces when they sample the honey for the first time – tasting natural wildflower honey made by happy bees raised by biodynamic principles is a treat that we hope all of you have the opportunity to experience.



  1. Like a good and engrossing book, this entry, once started, just had to be read to the end. Amazing, this thinking like the bees. Such a principle has wide implications and applications.

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