It is wonderful to hear from so many people who are interested in the

plight of the honey bee and wish to do something about it. Lots of interest has

been expressed in taking our course  and this is wonderful news for the bees.Whether it is

a family that wishes to have a beehive in their backyard, an organic farmer

who wishes to pollinate his crops with bees which have been raised 

chemical free or people who just wish to have a few hives for their

pleasure to learn more about nature and enjoy a high quality honey

product produced by their own bees, the goodwill and willingness

to do something is amazing.  Bello Uccello Apiary will be putting on

their Natural Beekeeping Workshop based on Biodynamic Principles

the long weekend in May (Victoria Day Weekend) and this year we

have planned the workshop for Sunday the 19th and Monday the 20th

so people who are working actually have their Saturday free to relax

and prepare for the Two Day hands-on, intensive workshop that awaits them

on Sunday and Monday.  


dates:     Sunday, May l9th and Monday, May 20th, 2013 

               Victoria Day Weekend

where:    Bello Uccello Apiary, 20 minutes outside of Digby, Nova Scotia

time:       Sunday 9am – 4:30pm

               Sunday evening a video of the arrival of a swarm to our apiary and informal time to meet each other and discuss issues about bees and beekeeping

                Monday 9am – 4:30pm

Course:   The course will prepare you to set up an apiary, learn about the science of the honey bee, assemble a hive, do chemical free beekeeping and chemical free disease control, observe a hive and how to tend the bees in the hive.  You will have class room time and outside hands-on learning.  Klaus will show you how his system to keep the bees healthy works .  

This course is for people who wish to approach beekeeping from a natural beekeeping, organic/biodynamic way .  Should you have any questions please do write to us and we will respond.

FEE:  Homemade organic lunches and coffee breaks and snacks for the two full days, and the course costs: $225.00 per person. The course is based on the registration of 10 people and pre-registration is required to secure your place.  The numbers are small so you can really receive one on one instruction and truly have a quality learning experience.  


                             MAILED TO 6849 Gilberts Cove, Digby Co., Nova Scotia B0W 2R0


 You will need gloves and a veiled hat and full coverage clothing .  Looking forward to sharing with you the life of the honeybee at our workshop.  We will be at the Annapolis Farmers Market on Saturday, May 18th with our honey for those of you who have been waiting for your biodynamic honey.  



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