Recycled working station for Honey Bee Sanctuary

The newest bee  project we are involved in is the transformation of a former l6 foot travel trailer, into a working station at the Apiary.
Because the apiary is now not in our backyard by the Honey House, we have had to adapt.  Adaption can either be something
which we resent and go for the conventional answers,– which are usually boring and expensive; or we can embrace the adaption
and become passionate and creative with solutions we would never have thought about should the “change” not have pushed
us into that particular situation.  So began the journey of the Bumble Bee – the affectionate new name given to our
new working station.  We started with finding a l970’s travel trailer which cost us $200.00.  It was not registered any longer
for the road and had spent some of its years as a hunting camp before being brought back out of the woods to
civilization again.  Luckily for us the trailer was water tight and no mould.  This is important.  All the wonderful numerous louvered
windows were still in good condition and Klaus replaced all of the bug screening in every window and made the entire interior
“insect tight”.  Bees are very tricky about finding spots to get at honey!  The inside had been gutted, except the sink area and
the dining area and closet.  This was excellent, because we needed to have plenty of room for supers and equipment to be
stored.  Our local home hardware store had counter ends and so for $40.00 a very attractive kitchen counter was installed
and the small stainless sink and tap was reinstalled back into place.  The surprise was that the electricity worked and the
water system did too!  The  plywood floor was painted and then vinyl tiles were installed for easy  clean up– and 
consideration to weight being given its due.  The local upholstery in Bear River did a great job on covering  the cushions for the one
bench we left in the dining area.  The never used textile was a find at Frenchy’s and so the cost was very little. The bench  by the door way was removed for Klaus to be able to stand and work at  the ample table surface.  
Now the whole inside has been cleaned thoroughly, the floor is shining and a pot of flowers sits on the window ledge.  Today was the
perfect day to spray the Bumble Bee —- yes we are spraying it bumble bee yellow with a black stripe.   It looks so “happy” 
we can hardly wait to move it into position at the apiary. The advantage of this Bumble Bee work station is also that it
can be moved out of the way when not in use.   So it looks like $300.00 is the cost for this wonderful bee work station
and the last thing to be done is to  put our logo on the back.  The cupboards are really lovely and it is my job to fill the bench with
art materials for children who will be visiting the apiary.  Art is always part of the Dance here at Bello Uccello Estate Honeybee Sanctuary.  .

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