Today was absolutely sunny and warm in Bello Uccello’s Honey Bee Sanctuary. Last weekend was our last Natural Beekeeping Workshop for Beginners based on biodynamic principles for this year. What a great event it was.! From last Sunday until today, all the hives have had to have another super added because the population in the hives
has exploded. It was having four sunny days in a row that set the honey bees into making up for lost time. This workshop marked our training of 50 natural beekeepers. This time we had people come from PEI and NB
as well as parts of Nova Scotia. As always, these participants who have decided they wish to do beekeeping in a way which respects the bees and is chemical free, were exceptional people. They are not interested in the commodification of the honey bee in any way and they all bring their open hearts and creative thoughts to the question of beekeeping.
Last weekend provided us with two sunny days so we could work on the hives outside and even picnic on the deck for our lunches. It was an intense two days of learning about the science of the honey bee and gaining the skills needed, in preparation for receiving their first bee hives.

Someone asked us the other day, “Who is taking these workshops on beekeeping?” and it was fun to answer that the new kind of keeper of bees may come from any walk of life. At our workshops they bring their life experiences and caring about the world in which we live and they creatively apply their insights and experiences to the
many considerations which we explore with respect to the bee . Teachers, artists,gardeners,small farmers, students,craftspeople,
families that wish to be self sufficient, healers, seniors, philosophers,homemakers and many others are just a few of the people
who have joined in the work to help the honey bee thrive. Connectivity and creativity are important traits for natural beekeepers,
because sharing and learning from the honey bees and each other is the way we will change the tide of the killing- of- the- honey

One of the new natural beekeepers will be investigating the building of a top bar hive where the ventilation considerations and the slotted
bottom board used in our system will be incorporated into the design. He also promised to share his design with the rest of us!
For seniors, the physically challenged and the financially strapped this design can make natural beekeeping a possibility.
Many “seeds” were planted at these workshops by many of us and we hope through the new interactive blog being developed at this time,we can further our learning and insights through this community of natural beekeepers. This platform will help us grow and we will share with each other the adventures we experience with the honey bees. (This blog is the
project of a very creative person who took the May 2013 workshop).

So, are you a possible Natural Beekeeper? Next June we will be
holding two beginner workshops again. If you are interested in
being trained to be a natural beekeeper by us ,do register for next year as soon as you know for sure, for there is already a full class registered for the first course. In the meantime we suggest you read as much about
natural beekeeping as you can, read Michael Bush’s blog and Rudolf
Steiner’s book on the Honey Bee, so you will be ready for the course.
Because after the course you will know for sure that you have lots to
learn in order to practice the Art of Beekeeping…. we continue to
read and learn about the honey bee everyday.

In late September 2013 we will be holding a one day workshop on Preparing the Hive for Winter and we hope we will see many of
the friends who we have met at our previous courses. This course is only open to the 50 people who have take our
beginner’s workshop at this time. It will be totally held outside in the apiary and will be a hands -on experience. This will be
a wonderful harvest season event.


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