Rain, rain and more rain.  That has been what basically has been happening here in Southwest Nova Scotia – until July lst at 2pm.  No serious inspection of the hives could really take place with the rain and  cool weather.  The short periods of opportunity to inspect the hives gave us enough information to just  add another super.  Our innocence barred us from knowing what really was happening in those hives; for just as terrible stormy housebound weather patterns of winter  seem to result in an  addition  to the human  population  around September of  the following autumn, so it seems it is true for the honey bees too.  How were we to know?!  So here is how it all played out in the last three days here at Bello Uccello’s Honeybee Sanctuary.

 Our full inspection of the hives started this morning with hot temperatures and full sun.  How amazing it was to inspect each hive and find full beautifully made frames of brood.  Already the hives are 5 and 6 supers high and we are about to have a population explosion! Every hive had been very busy creating extraordinary populations of brood.  While we thought nothing much was happening – they were in the baby bee production!  Honey is being made and pollen stored  from the wild roses which are  covering the banks of the Bay.  So many wildflowers grow here that Tirolean mountain meadows come to mind.  
The hexagon shape created around the honey bee sanctuary leaves us with the impression that it is indeed worth creating.  Even if you have only 
one hive, you can make the surrounding  hexagon shape from patio stones, sand, sticks of wood, branches, etc.   The next step is to plant an old English Rose bush at the centre of the sanctuary.  Honey bees are Love and the product they make is Love and Roses are definitely Love….it is a very logical choice!  Also the wild roses in full bloom make the most amazing honey –  this is the honey which we store away for ourselves.  Naturally all the other abundant flowers of the season are in the mix, but roses are the choice of the honey bee and they are in the most abundance at this time and therefore dominate the aroma and taste of the honey.
  English Rose Bush where the two swarms were found in Out Apiary
 Observing the honey bees in the apiary is one of the most important tasks of a Keeper of Bees.  An artist is only as good as their “Seeing” allows them to be.  Perhaps we love the Impressionist paintings because these artists raised a veil and were able to See what was still closed to the majority of the human population.   By sharing in their paintings what they could See, we all could then See and became the better for it.  The Art of Keeping Bees requires us to Observe and See and Contemplate on what we are seeing – this is actually the most amazing part of sharing in the life of the hive….the Creativity and the View into the “Hive Heart” which the  World has much to learn .
 As we read of 48 million bees dropping dead in Guelph Ontario after the farmers in the neighbourhood of the apiaries planted their GMO corn, no big mystery was created in our mind as to the causality of the death of those honey bees.  This is happening globally where GMO plants are planted and toxic chemicals are sprayed.   Well  the Hungarian government has had the courage to do what needs to be done and it is worth checking out what has actually happened lately in Hungary around the GMO agenda.  Inspiring!
  When good men and women, of goodwill, find themselves in such a paradigm of farming, as they do now, wherein they are trying to create living matter by killing an abundant amount of  living matter  in the process; it is time for them to reassess where they are and how they can become Free from this “man made nazi war on Life” .  It is not too late for the Art of Feeding the World to  become a life enhancing process, rather than a straight line to illness, death and destruction of mankind and our lovely planet.  Each of us can play our small part in all of this by supporting local growers and producers who have had the courage to “plant a new way forward” for us all. Find where the Real food and products are being produced  in your community  and buy them  there.  We all need to See a bit further ,past the veils of the paradigm which somehow grew up around us into this
jungle of toxic thoughts and enslaved means of production .  There are good Seeds, Growing in Good Soil, now – and that is what we all want to support and be a  part of and this you can do by taking the time to find out what is happening locally in your own community and support the good.

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