A peace has settled over the honeybee sanctuary and the bees are busy with their day-to-day life , and the very exciting “Rebirth of the Hive” phase has now passed and all is right with the world of the honeybees. Last weekend friends of the honeybees who had taken our Natural Beekeeping Workshop based on Biodynamic Principles came in the evening to pick up the three new hives which were created during the rebirth process. How exciting, as the bees went to places where they will be well taken care of and will be integrated into the wholeness of these keepers of bees ” Family Life”. Our friend from the Chester area reported that his two year old is loving the new bees and he just keeps going up to his dad and saying Bees and taking his hand so his father will take him to the honeybees. He rescues bees which are on the ground with no fear and the pictures we received are absolutely delightful.

Imagine the sound of a very large container truck idling; well that is the sound coming from the six-super-high towers in the honeybee sanctuary. It is really a wonderful deep humming song and the cause for this sound is the fanning of the wings by thousands of honeybees to make the honey. After the honey has been finally processed by the bees in the cells, there is the ” finishing off of the honey” by evaporation, which is done by the bees flapping their wings rapidly over the honey. Once the right moisture percentage has been reached(17%) , and the aromatic golden honey has been prepared to perfection; then they will cap each cell off with wax which keeps this nectar of the gods sealed. Considering that the honey discovered in the pyramids in Egypt was found to be edible after 5000 years, we can rest assured these little six -legged Beings- from- Venus know what they are doing.

When we remove honey from the frames we must scrape this “cappings wax” off so the cells are open to release the honey with the centrifugal force of the extractor.
The way we clean this wax so there is no honey or impurities, etc. is by sitting it in the sun in a gauze over a pail of water . The pure clean wax is what melts through the gauze into the water container. Because of the propolis, this wax is golden yellow in colour – absolutely fragrant and beautiful! We have been saving all of this very pure cappings wax since we began taking care of honeybees, with the Intent of giving it back to the honeybees in the form of wax foundation for their hives. Now all of this can happen and that will be a story for another day. Many people who create natural products with wax want to create pure products by having uncontaminated cappings wax from non bee -factory-farms. No one wants to buy a natural product which has bees wax as its base, which has been exposed to antibiotics, pesticides, insecticides etc. and thus comes the whole ethical- products- dialogue.


This whole need to know the details about whether the products we are supporting and buying are “ethical” is growing rapidly. We are impressed by the number of people, young and old alike , who have developed a “non-bent consciousness” and are changing the world from the realness of their own lives. There is a shift happening and people trust and look for Local produce where they can assure themselves of the practices in production or farming which has taken place. Fair Trade is something which is as close to home as your neighbour who sells raspberries from a roadside stand or as close to the heart as small chemical free coffee growers in Oaxaca. People are looking for the details about the person or organization or union of people who have actually produced the product and they are much less concerned about the” diluted marketing labels”. The first book of economics which made any sense to us whatsoever was “Small is Beautiful” by Schumacher and the information shared in that book, which inspired the formation of many green movements globally, is as true today as it was then and well worth the read.


Our daughter is studying bio-med in the UK at the moment, to become a Naturopathic Nutritionist doctor and yesterday she wanted to purchase some pollen, but thought she had better call home first to see if there were any ethical issues around the production of pollen. Here is what we shared with her:

What is pollen from the hive? ” Pollen from the hive is different from the pollen that triggers your allergy symptoms because it is combined with the natural nectars and saps from the flowers the bee has chosen to visit and then stirred with bee saliva and innumerable other natural secretions, which give it anti- inflammatory,antibacterial and anti -fungal properties.” It is a gift from the honeybees for people who suffer from pollen allergies and asthma.

Pollen is a complete food with even B 12 – it is nutritious and amazingly good for your body’s health. China produces much of the world’s pollen.

The honeybees require Pollen and Honey in order to live – pollen is the protein and honey the carbs. Replacing pollen and honey with “pollen- substitutes and corn syrup”
and removing the honey and pollen supply of the bees, is unethical and explains much about the demise of the honeybee. The only honey removed from the hive should be the excess honey not needed for the life force of the hive.

Rather than buy “pollen from unknown sources” buy Raw Honey from a Biodynamic Beekeeper or from a local organic apiary. Raw Honey will have the pollen and propolis
and wax in the honey itself. The Raw Honey must not be filtered and the cloudier the honey looks the better.

The way that pollen is stolen from the hive is with a pollen trap at the entrance . The bee arrives back with its pollen pouches filled with the goods and as they walk into the hive through the pollen trap, the pollen is removed from their legs. This is stealing the potential life force from the hive. A biodynamic keeper of bees can help ethically with gathering a small amount of pollen because they have studied the geocosmic nature of the bees. At Bello Uccello Honeybee Sanctuary we freeze the pollen -laden- frames , along with honey ,for feeding to the hive in the Spring – no substitute nonsense happening here:-}

Pollen 101

1. pollen from bee-factory-farming will have toxins and chemicals in it and the bees will be left with GMO soya substitutes for the pollen or other products which are not pollen

2. pollen from even organic apiaries could have chemicals or toxins if they are providing pollination services with their bees and there is no guaranty that the substitutes are not used

3. the honeybee uses the pollen as its protein and it needs to have stores of pollen for the winter months and for its rearing of baby bees

4. pollen removed from the hive as a commercial product on a large scale is being replaced in the hive with GMO soya bean substitute and all sorts of other crap which is
not pollen and this is basically challenging the honeybee’s immune system and weakening the hive

5. pollen is found in organic Raw Unfiltered Honey

6. every hive should be left around 90 to 100 lbs of honey and pollen for the winter months,plus for the hardworking hive and babies in the active season and this leaves little for excess harvesting

7. pollen from true raw wildflower honey has the most nutritional richness

8. if unsure, buy Demeter certified biodynamic honey and you will have pollen, propolis and wax in the raw unpasteurized honey

Should your health situation be such that the Raw honey does not provide enough pollen for your illness, then ask a local ethical apiarist to save you some.As a biodynamic keeper of bees, we have learned how to help the honeybees collect more pollen, should the necessity arise. If you are not sick and only allergic to pollens, the Raw honey should do the trick. Otherwise, it is our belief that pollen is for the honeybees survival
and mankind has no business substituting it with crap and selling the honeybees very “life force” on the market. The small extra pollen which can occur should be only for people who are sick. The honeybees are Love and if asked,they would love to share their excess pollen for this special need.


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