snow rollers in nova scotia

Winter is amazing – we know nature’s artistry, which creates landscapes from the transformed element of water into snow and ice, makes our experience of living here in Nova Scotia all the richer. Today a soft, fine- dusting-snow has accumulated on the fields all day long, creating snow sculptures with the winds help.How white can white be?!
Last week we had a field full of “snow rollers” – they are those self- rolling snowballs which start out on their own and soon create a moonscape appearance
in the yard. That morning everything was quietDSC09074





DSC09080 and sunny and beautiful outside and then, all of the sudden, the entire yard came alive. The movement of the snow,
rolling on its own, into hundreds of snowballs was an “Event”!. In 20 minutes this dramatic show, performed by wind and snow, was over. The perfect wind, the perfect temperature and the perfect snow, had come together to play “sculptor” in our yard and they created hundreds of these snow rollers. Luckily we took the photos below
immediately, because within one hour it was raining and they melted away.


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