This past weekend Bello Uccello was part of a group art show in Bear River, Nova Scotia – “Fables and Fairy Tales”.  Luckily the hives had provided four old cracked wax foundation frames for the art to be created upon.  Being a mixed media book artist, I used these wonderful smelling old frames as the “pages” of my book.  The theme was the Winter Solstice and three fables were woven into this “art book”.  My original poem themed itself throughout the “book”:


          The Sun has gone on a Cosmic Retreat,
         She packed up her radiance, light and heat;
        And just when all was seemingly dark,  
        She made herself known inside of my Heart.
The obvious tale of the Winter Solstice is one story, however there are several other stories within this art book. The first page is definitely the Sun preparing for her little cosmic holiday and her “bag” is packed with kindred-spirited nature- things.   The middle page shows that the Queen of the Sun, a Light Presence from Venus, is dwelling within a very dark hive and the hive itself looks to  the inside Light(the Queen Bee)  to enliven their reality through the deep winter months.  The entire hive is moving around this Queen Sun, just as our planet continues to move around our Solar System’s Sun.
  Mankind also is faced with a  choice – do I allow myself to go with the external dying away of nature in the Autumn and wait out the winter, get diagnosed with winter blues  or do I do like the bees and break with the external influences and go Inside and find radiating there my enlivened Life-spirit of Imagination, which frees me from the slumbering earth’s drama.
The last page tells the story in waxes of yellows and sky-blues of the  Creative Heart’s Song being sung by an etheric bird and a physical bird .  This encaustic painting has the bird singing joyfully its Songs of Life,  inside of the metal world which encircles it.  The songs which she is singing are from the Inspirations which come through to the Imagination and manifest
in the small altered book which you can see inside of her  birch bark nest  on  the middle page. This book holds  within its pages Poetry, Music, Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture which all  came as a wave of love from the inner creative light of the Heart.
Let’s join the Song  and celebrate Winter as the highest time of creativity!

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