Observe the honey bees as they leave the hive and you will see that they really do meander; contrary to the whole “beeline mythology”. They take time to smell the roses, sup up the yellow of the dandelion and hum a happy song while they do it. Somehow they manage to multi-task and get the job done and yet keep the adventure and variety in their lives— and sing a song of happiness!!. It is only when they have visited many places, brought life forces to many flowers and blossoms and filled their “pockets full of goodies, like pollen” that they then beeline it for home. Impressive —- truly—they actually succeed in the tasks  to feed their young, keep the hive clean, provide food for everyone, build a house continually, create a proper atmosphere of not too hot and not
too cold  and make a food larder for winter —–and all of these chores are completed in harmony and love, with Song and Dance and with each Individual Bee taking full responsibility for his or her own  contribution to the hive; and all of this success  without a Manager or Controller. Hmmmmmm…….. Take a look at nature and you will see that nature seems to form patterns of spirals and meanderings too. Even the human DNA is a pattern of spiralling. Check out on utube Water The Great Mystery
and Viktor Schauberger’s work on water, to view meandering in action and see what it does for health and happiness.



Now let’s take a look at the Human Being whose intrinsic nature is to be creative and loving and live in joyful community with others.  Children naturally  seem to emulate the bees as they too, in pure Trust of Life, hum their
unique song in their Heart and playfully copy  the honey bee’s wonderful,  “meandering pattern of adventure and trust of  abundance” wherever they go.
As adults, we too love the Freedom of meandering along a hike trail, or on a sandy beach – we love it, we thrive on it and we need it because it brings health and happiness to the depths of our Soul. There are no straight lines in the true nature of the Human Being; and straight line thinking and manifestations are “learned behaviours”. As children start becoming trained for our technical- industrial working world, the first thing they must learn to do is to form a straight line and march into the day care, into the school, into the bus and into their seats at school, which are also in straight lines. We as parents, teachers and caregivers of children are actually brainwashed ourselves; to the point we train our “good children” to stop useless Imagining and Meandering and behave efficiently, in a straight line,( of course,) to complete the tasks given,give the “right answers”  and be a winner.  Commodifying life always looks like this- straight lines to nowhere..


We take away the natural Beauty and Wonder of the Dance of Life which defines each of us as a Human Being and we replace this possible model-of-life, like the  bee- and- the- hive-society ,with a world of mental-dead-activities in straight lines. We are programmed this way — to be controlled and to be a perfect cog in the Industrial-Technical  machine. One day we are a child learning how to behave and think in straight lines and the next day we are men and women “marching” in straight lines to war .

 The Bees have something to teach us and Lesson 1 is that you can be a responsible Individual and contribute to the well beingness of yourself, your family and your community without giving up your true Human Being nature to be Joyful, to do Life Enhancing activities inside of the home and outside in nature (just as the bees do) and to freely meander through life by using your pure Love of Life and Imagination and Creativity to determine where your next step will bee. 

When we start meandering, we will gain our FREEDOM to love and with this, All is possible. This is what the 5th dimensional bees have asked we share with you from our Heart to yours.  For fun, the next time you take your walk, imitate the bees path and just walk in a long curving pattern back and forth and see what your body says !




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