So many good hearted people are concerned about the killing of the honey bees these days that many people

would like to do their part to help change this situation.  Such Good Will and Intent is what will help the honey bees and will also help our world to become the kind of world we all would like to live in – a Peaceful one, filled with Good Will to All Life.   Thank you for all that you do for the honey bees, it is important.

Two days ago I went to the local greenhouse to help my mum  buy her hanging plants.  When I asked whether there were poison chemicals used, the answer was yes.  Also he informed us that the  occasional bee goes in the open greenhouses and they die. By now you know that the GMO seed will most likely kill the honeybee and other pollinators and that the Neonicotinoids, based on the most recent Harvard Univ. study, Will Kill the Bees  – but did you know that you need to ask at stores that sell “bee friendly seed” and “bee friendly plants” whether these plants have been treated with   neonicotinoids?  It is shocking to buy a plant with a cute bee picture on the tag and then find out they are bee killers.  Anything which you buy requires a Question to be asked – is this GMO, and  does this have poison chemicals in it or on it or does it have Neonicotinoids.  Organic seeds and organic flowers and  plants  and flowers  from  a local grower who can assure you that they do not use the “bee killers” on their plants or seeds are your best bet.

As we all learn to Ask Questions, we usually find out there is always more than “meets  the eye”.  For example,this week we read that Spider poison is being put into honey bees and “it does not kill the honey bee” and they think it might kill the mite.   Here at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary we approach the entire question of “mites” and other diseases as a Question of naturally  Enhancing the Life Forces of the Honey Bee, rather than “killing something”.   Mankind has spent the last couple of hundred years truly “killing” off whatever it sees as a problem  and where has this gotten us?  This approach lacks critical observation – as we continue to kill bad bacteria, the mutating  1% which survives becomes the super-bacteria which holds the potential to wipe us out because we have no natural defence to the very  unnatural “enemy” we ourselves have just created . The mites have mutated to the point that they  actually thrive on some of the poisons which they put into the hive to kill them. The honey bee’s burden has became  worse because the mite is now stronger than before

.  It is time we think about making the Good so strong with natural, Positive  Life Forces  that give a High Vitality to the Hive , that the negative is “neutralized” and disappears because of its own irrelevance.  Let’s start searching for all of those amazing people, Johann Grander from Austria (water), Dr Higa from Japan (effective micro-organisms), Dr Franz Hormann from Austria (new economy); Rudolf Steiner’s llectures;Ing. Werner Rauscher, solar pioneer in Gussing,Austria; Spirit Science of Drunvalo; the Grounded Movie on Earthing,  and this list could go on forever……………………………..

Let us all stop being Compliant to the Pied Piper song of destruction of our beautiful world  and simply Ask the Questions which need to be asked.  This will save the Honey Bee and this will save you and your Love Ones because we are all so interrelated.Image

Biodynamic Keeper of Bees – part of the hive _   Bees help keep the head cool

question: POSTSCRIPT: What is Natural that they call adding spider venom to a honey bee a “Natural Solution”?  — mercury is a natural product, but I don’t want it in my teeth or drinking water.  The word Natural is being used to manipulate the population into thinking that because the word “natural”is used then it means it is good. Nature is good – right?  Discernment is so important for us all to practice at this time.


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