Today the rain is filling up the bee’s bird bath in the honey bee sanctuary.  Natural moss and rocks were gathered in the wild and then situated in the bird bath to cover the bottom, so that the bees can land on them to drink and not drown. I have been making special “drinking spots” for the honey bees since we began our mission to help the bees. The bees had a way of
finding each station lacking and returning to the spring water which comes out of the cliff bank near the sanctuary. It is sort of like trying out a new cafe but finding yourself back at your favourite one after a couple of weeks of novelty. But this year something very new and special has developed  around the drinking water for the bees.

For l5 years we have had a Grander Revitalized Water Board from Austria for treating our own drinking water. A few weeks
ago we invited the Maritime representative of Grander Revitalized Water to come and speak to a small group  of friends about this life enhancing, pure water which is in the healing  health spas of Europe, in the bakeries and food companies of Austria and Germany , in their swimming pools and gardens, in their Industries and in the drinking water systems of regular people in Europe,Japan and  of the “rich and questionable” here in North America. You probably have not heard of this – right? We call this amazing gap between” knowing of natural- life -enhancing discoveries in Europe and Japan and the world elsewhere  and not knowing of them here in North America” the Great North American Deception”. We have and use 
these wonderful- natural discoveries  and it is a pity that our honey bees get to enjoy these very wonderful gifts of nature but our fellow citizens here in North America, for the most part,  do not.  Why is that?


ImageImageImageTo help our honey bees we have applied these globally discovered “natural solutions” to solve some of the problems which the bees face. After Optimal Water installed a Grander system for our entire house’s water system, we decided to try this water for the bees and for our biodynamic gardening. The change was not subtle – it was Amazing! Now
there are 25 to 50 bees at any one time, hanging out  and drinking this very healthy water. They stay much longer than usual
and when viewing the sanctuary from a distance, the number of bees buzzing around the bird bath in a “holding pattern” is similar to the number of bees at a small hive entrance. What we are looking forward to seeing is if this 28,000 Bovis energy drinking water will help the bees with their vital health and with the the overall hive- life-force. We  personally benefit from it and should you wish to find out more about the Element Water in general or Grander Water in particular ,we recommend again the following utube films:

Water the Great Mystery,

Johann Grander The Waterman of Tirol;

Viktor Schauberger

 The bees bring us to form QUESTIONS, which lead us on a search, which in turn opens up finding possibilities for peace and health and balance in life; not only for the bees, but perhaps for all of us .At the Heart of all of what is found in these awe-inspiring  symbiotic relationships revealed in the  Life around us,–Nature , Human Beings, and the Stars—,it is there that Truth resides. 






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