Everyday here at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary we experience the miracle of Nature and the Elements. Sometimes these miracles are very simple and yet profound at the same time. For example, the white clover seed, which we purchased from The Halifax Seed Company, (Canada’s oldest seed company), is one such miracle of simplicity. The white clover seed is for the honey bees and the red clover seed is for the bumblebees. and we seeded wherever we saw an empty space of ground in our neighbourhood.. Now this clover has taken over large areas in the Sanctuary, and also in the neighbours’ lawns and fields and ditches. So far no complaints and it was
truly rewarding to hear our neighbour, who is confined to a wheelchair, exclaim to us about how beautiful all the white clover
was on their large lawn. This simple act not only fed our honeybees but also brought enjoyment of nature to our lovely neighbours.
Nature seems to always be like that – bringing just the perfect thing which is needed.

It is indeed worth thinking about the unadulterated simple seed, which holds within itself the ability to bring forth such abundance. Talk about Life Enhancement – that one plant can become the source for thousands of other plants. If one simple seed can bring forth so much beneficial Life and one simple Queen Honey Bee can lay her own weight in eggs every single day of her existence within the hive; ,then the question begs the answer—- What Does This Possibly Mean About What a Human Being is Capable of Co-Creating with Life to benefit
mankind and our planet? Maybe the addictions of acquisition and sentimentality (materiality) are blinding us to our own potential to become Free to be a Seed ourselves, within the Garden of Humanity and its home, Earth. You don’t need permission from Any Body
to pick some wildflower seeds in the ditch and then distribute them in the Common areas of our communities. By beautifying our
Common areas we will be making them visible and by the flowers adding colour and fragrance and divers birds, bees and other Beings of
Nature to these Common areas we might help raise the consciousness of us all. These Common areas are for the entire community’s Use
and Enjoyment, and not to be silently usurped into parking lots, shopping centres and all other such unimaginative manifestations.
.So we ask that you sow none- neonic wildflower seeds wherever you can and the pollinators and birds will love this extra food and the beauty of lupins or brown-eyed Susans covering an abandoned area will truly bring healing and life enhancement at several levels.


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