Top Bar Hive ……. How to make a Langpohl Top Bar Hive

Here is the plan for the Langpohl Top Bar Hive. It has been a great success here at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary, with lots of brood, bees and honey. Although Klaus designed and drew the plans and created the model, we have much gratitude to a fellow natural beekeeper and friend, Carl whose address is noted on each of the computerized drawings he created for all of us. We wish you
well in the creating of this top bar hive, where ventilation, spacing and the overall well- being
of the honey bee and the hive has been of paramount importance. It takes Klaus 30 plus hours to
complete one hive with the created templates.

This top bar hive invites ease of use by the keeper of bees, regardless of their physical situation. Inclusiveness brings the richness of more people being able to enter into the world of bees and help nature and our world.

One big advantage is that in the winter you can pull out the screen bottom board and clean the hive bottom without disturbing the wrapping for winter or the bees. What clean hives there were in the Spring! The drone cafe lends itself in the winter for adding rye straw for the insulation of the hive and to absorb the excess moisture. You can even add a feeder in the middle of the straw over the hole to feed extra food if necessary. We loved these features last winter!

Also because the dimensions are equal to the Langstroth sized supers, one can add an entire second level during the high honey season. We did that this year and have just removed the extra honey and brought the hive back to one story. The slotted bottom board is so full of bees resting and hanging out each time that we inspect the hive, that we know that this top bar hive design is made to make the bees happy and healthy. The drone cafe is also quite the hang out!.
We do not accept the usual top bar hive design because of its many shortcomings in considering the
health and respect for the bees. If you wish to use commercially made frames you can, and if you
wish to put the frames in without any foundation, that is preferable. Just make sure you put some wire stablizing, like you would normally for foundation frames. The flexibility in this top bar hive is great.

In the spirit of Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary’s goal to serve the well beingness of the honey bee with biodynamic principles, these plans are offered for free for private, personal use only.
Should you wish to produce this commercially,please contact us for further details. We also
offer this Langpohl Top Bar Hive for sale in Canada and you can contact us for further details.

DSC09392Langpohl 1-A0Langpohl 1-A1Langpohl 1-A2Langpohl 1-A3Langpohl 1-A4Langpohl 1-A5Langpohl 1-A6Langpohl 1-A7Langpohl 1-A8DSC09377DSC09378DSC09379DSC09380DSC09381DSC09385DSC08147DSC08148DSC08167DSC09387


2 thoughts on “Top Bar Hive ……. How to make a Langpohl Top Bar Hive

  1. Love my Langpohl Top Bar Hive! I look forward to a fall inspection, and wrapping the hive up for the winter. It is good to have the drawings so that I can imagine the inside of the hive. I still do wonder about why the bees do not use the bottom opening. Also, if the drone cafe were one inch higher, my small jars of food would fit more securely. Now there is the worry of having them lift up the cover. I am thinking I will put small supers on top to lift the cover up higher so that it is easier to feed. I think I should also be making some of those cakes Klaus demonstrated at last year’s Fall workshop so that the bees can eat a richer food as the nights get cooler.

    Thanks for making these plans available…..eventually I may need another hive [put I probably won’t make it myself].

    All the best.


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