asters in late September

asters in late September in the honey bee sanctuary

The sun is shining, the bees in the Langpohl Top Bar Hives still have six or more full frames of brood yet to hatch.(which is somewhere around the
42,000 baby bees yet to come,)  and all is buzzing in the sanctuary!
For us here at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary we can say it has been an amazing year for the honey bees. It has been a warm and dry summer with a constant supply of wild flowers for their banquet. The fields this autumn are so full of asters and golden rod that we hear people remarking everywhere about the abundance of these flowers in the fields and ditches. Last year there was really no “honey season”  in the autumn, to speak of ; but this year, the sanctuary, which has never had more than two golden rod plants growing in the entire area , is absolutely full of these brilliant golden- yellow, two- to- seven foot- high flowers! Life here has become the aroma of golden rod.


Our next market at The Annapolis Royal Traders and Farmers Market will be Thanksgiving weekend and we look forward to meeting our regular customers , as well as meeting new ones. Along with the usual large jars of honey , we are making 250 ml small jars of honey available at this market, for those guests who wish to take a healthy “house gift” for Thanksgiving Dinner.

This summer we met the children’s author, Lela Nargi, from Brooklyn, New York. It is wonderful to see all of the different people so generously  sharing
their talents and life forces to help the honey bee and humanity as a whole. Our library ordered “The Honeybee Man” book and it is available in the Digby
Library. Details about this book and Lela’s other great work with kids is noted below:

LESSONS FROM THE BEES – “As summer turns to autumn”:

If you have ever had the chance to just lay down on the grass near a hive of bees and watch them freely dance in the sky and around the Hive, as they Sing their Song of
Summer; you can actually feel the  timelessness and peace and sheer joy of life! This activity could be a great addition to any Natural Health Spa!   There seems to be very few straight lines involved in their movements, but rather complicated swirling, curling, and spiraling flight patterns. It is truly amazing to see them full of such
freedom of movement and intent and on the other hand, to feel they have such a selfless identity and inner knowing of the oneness with the Hive- as-a- Whole. Is this something we, as evolutionary human beings, are trying to understand within ourselves? Is the Question we all form in one way or another, one of  trying to solve the great mystery of how to maintain our wonderful free beingness and the singularity as an Individual and at the same time, have our Dance as that Individual somehow have the subconscious and the conscious Intent to help co-create a world of love and peace for all Beings on this Beautiful Planet? Do we carry this same “blue print of Oneness” within our Soul and are we just all here trying to put the pieces together with each other? The bees, as sun beings of love do an amazing job in this regard, – an inspiration to us all.

Steiner compared the bees flying freely about to the pattern of the thoughts of a person. In the summer it is true, we all have more ideas about what our days will be like, than hours in the day to do them. In a funny way we are flying around in swirling, curling and spiraling vortexes all summer long and we all feel so Free! Gravity, in all of its implications, seems to have let us go out of its grip and anything is possible! It is so Warm and so Easy.
Then Autumn arrives, as it did this week, and there is a contracting of the flight patterns of the bees and the organizing of the Hive into an entirely different configuration which  starts in ernest, for the upcoming Earth- Bound- Winter  that  lies ahead. Here in rural Nova Scotia the crickets are still singing loudly, but our thoughts are contracting to the practical matters of firewood for winter, jams and preserves being stored in the pantry,
children back in school, harvesting our gardens and basically manifesting Earth- Bound ideas.  The Sun is not getting up as early and she definitely is going to bed earlier, as are the honey bees!. This is the time of the Michaelmas Festival, the celebration of the breath-in, which the Earth is starting to do — as are we. As the Queen of the Sun shines consistently within the hive and their world spirals around her, so we look to the sun within our hearts to warm our simmering, emerging inspirations which will carry us through the winter- to- come into the budding of Imaginations and Manifestations in Spring.



Klaus has been visiting the hives and ensuring the bees are healthy and he is removing the excess honey supers from the hives. Since the days can be hot or cold
for the next 60 days, he also is ensuring the bees have lots of honey to fill up the brood cells , after the bees hatch. We are keeping buckets of honey in the freezer, to feed back directly to the bees for their present needs, so that  all of the  stored honey and pollen in the frames can be saved  for the winter months ahead.
Last year’s six months of confinement for the bees showed us we can not be too careful about this issue of ample food.







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