Today we woke to one of the most wonderful sights of nature— – snowflakes falling from the sky— the first snowfall of the season.   Pure Joy!  The bees had a great last fling earlier this week, with temperatures well above normal for this time of the year; but now they are inside of their sacred space within the hive and the Dance of Winter has come
for them. The Queen of the Sun is centre to the galaxy inside of the hive and the rhythmic spiralling pattern of keeping the Queen, the brood and each other warm has begun.
As these holders of the blueprint of life withdraw from sight, their replacement has arrived – – – a swarm of hexagonal- shaped snowflakes.  In the folk tale, The Snow Queen, they are referred to as Swarm of Snow Bees.  In a complementary way, they are carrying on the life- enhancing – business of the bees of summer, by bringing the secret and invisible patterns of the Music of the Spheres to our earth. The quietness
which the snowflakes bring, as they cover the earth with a downy blanket of silent white, enables us to hear the music within ourselves.

LESSON OF THE BEES –   Snowflakes

The honey bees have been on this Earth for approximately 100 million years and therefore one can be quite confident in assuming that they have something to say to us about life here, especially  if we take the time to observe and feel.   It is from this perspective of   observing  the similarities of the swarm of bees of summer to observing the swarm of snowbees (snowflakes) of  now, that many questions arise.  For example,  why are snowflakes, so Perfect in their beauty and symmetry and yet   they have  been formed out of the  water cycle  from the earth  which has had imprinted upon the water’s very Structure, due to its exposure to   everything from toxic chemicals to sewers, a less-than-symmetric design? To research more about the nature of water, we recommend researching the scientific work of the late,  Dr. Masaru Emoto, who  demonstrated clearly that water is not to be looked at through just a chemical analysis, but also through its transforming Structure.  His studies revealed that water is a living substance which reflects in its “Structure” the nature of the environment it is in and it  even reflects  “sound frequencies” and “intent”.

Now this made us wonder, if snowflakes all come from an earth- based -water cycle ,where we know the water would look like “mold”, based on Dr Emoto’s work, then what is up in our atmosphere which cleanses the water of those bad “memories” and transforms the water back to its perfection, so it reflects such Beauty and Symmetry?

How does polluted water with memories of war and suffering and contaminated toxins of this materialistic world, come back to this earth, from our atmosphere, holding structurally visible Patterns of Perfection  ?

What Is in the atmosphere to bring about this transformation of the water? Is our atmosphere filled with a Song or Frequency of pure Love, and like the water in the “I Love You” glass of Dr Emoto’s water study, it causes a sacred geometry to manifest and transform   the damaged water molecule?.

.Are these swarm of snowbees, which come tumbling to earth, messengers of the gods; with the task of “Holding the Sacred Pattern of the Blueprint of Life” during the winter while the life- enhancing- bees rest until Spring?. The bees are Love for sure and they bring Life Enhancement to this planet and to human beings. Do the snowflakes, in their own Way, serve humanity and this earth by Holding the Memory of a Creation Blueprint of Beauty and Symmetry in a Pattern of Love? .
This reminder from the Clouds of Beauty and Symmetry must help us wake up from our dream sleep and feel a world alive and well. Holding the pattern of Human Evolution in Sacred Geometry is no small task for the snowbees and the honey bees. In a world where  man has decided to play god in separated consciousness and make his own patterns of evolution through transgenics; it is reassuring that bees and snowbees continue to  hold the sacred pattern of Life  and help us remember the Blueprint to  becoming  fully  Human on our  sacred journey  of evolution   , on this very beautiful planet.. We do have a Choice.

If you are preparing your hives for winter, it is time to place the unsprayed straw under the cover.  We cover the prevailing -wind- sides of the hive with blue sheets of foam insulation and then wrap the entire thing with a sheet of wind-protection paper.  (never plastic)  And because the sanctuary sits on the side of St Mary’s Bay and winds are strong, we also strap the hives to the ground.  This was a really good idea, when last year a hurricane blew through and knocked down trees in the sanctuary, and the hives withstood it all.  Let’s hope the honey bees will experience a Peaceful Winter and awake to an early Spring.





  1. John Harding has written a book on geomagnetic energy lines and their usefulness for bees. If you are interested I will pass it on to you but you need to send me an e-mail address please.

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