In a dusty corner over Klaus’s assembly table in his workshop is a faded cartoon given to him by my late father, several years ago when we first started this adventure with the Honey Bees. It shows a disheveled- looking Langstroth hive with a comical , not to bright looking fellow, dressed in a bee suit ,standing beside the front of the hive with a Ketchup bottle stuck under the entrance hole with a tap installed , waiting to fill his bottle with ketchup. The caption under this drawing is “Ketchup Bees”. The absurdity of this cartoon never ceased to get a smile out of us every time we happened to glance at it.


The Industrial- Revolutionary- worldview ,which has reached its zenith in turning Human Beings and everything else on this Planet into perceived Objects just waiting to be exploited with mechanical cleverness,still persists, albeit in its dying throws at the moment. People are waking up everywhere and we are all re-educating ourselves to become free thinking and feeling Human Beings that have the Freedom to have critical thinking and to live goodwill towards all Life on this planet. The 99% are unwilling to be dehumanized into assembly-line- enslavement- systems or be the manipulated into ” brainwashed- consumers” that give their creative life force away to buy a material trinket that is no more eternal nature than a sneeze. Times are changing and so is the language and images being used to fool all of this goodwill which is present at this time. Green- washing is just one of the ways in which  people’s goodwill is being usurped into agendas that are still about exploitation .

The growth in the number of people concerned about the Honey Bee is amazing. It is happening all over the world. We all can be Keepers of Bees by being seed savers, planting indigenous flowering plants or  by becoming one of the  increasing number of people learning to be  hobby or backyard beekeeper.  These people  are sincere in wanting to help the honey bee and make a difference. This growth in numbers has also made the backyard beekeeper a target for the next marketing ploy, as they present an Opportunity. Lots of concerned people of goodwill, who perhaps, do not know all of the facts, is a ripe target for this predatorship  to manifest.

The first example we have is the FLOW HIVE  TM. Everyone has seen the ads, seen the tap and the happy child waiting for their honey jar to be filled with honey. No more disturbing of the bees, just crank and pull and take away your honey. A pure mechanistic approach to the new Factory Hive. Only a Predator looks at the living superorganism of the Hive as a factory for honey  which they can “harvest” and consume as they wish. You can even have multiple taps and hoses to “tap” the honey —-like a maple syrup operation. Let’s take a closer look at why this is not a good idea. In an era where battery chickens are now seen as unacceptable by most of us, why on earth would we accept the same mentality for a living bee hive? Look past the priestcrafted words and investigate deeper into what is really going on. As backyard beekeepers, creating islands of sanctuary for the bees, until the world once again becomes connected to the living beings and species which sustain our very life on this planet; we need to be careful to not be used by the profit -making -industry, to compromise the great work that we all  have done in saving the honey bee.

Let’s look inside of this superorganism of the hive:

The hive has combs of wax cells which the Queen fills with eggs to create baby bees and which the worker bees fill with honey and pollen stores so the house bees can feed the young and the Queen and create a larder for winter. This honeycomb is equivalent to the skeleton in your body and it is the skeleton of the hive itself, which holds the superorganism of the colony . All life within the hive takes place on these wax combs which the bees love to make. . The bees vibrate the comb made from their own wax for communication within the hive, similar to our nervous system messages, and they also have birth and dance on the wax comb. If you use foundation sheets of wax, you will often find the bottoms of the foundation sheets nibbled free from the wooden frame so the vibrations for their “messaging system” can work best. This will never happen on the ridged plastic frame, unless of course the bees are given false teeth in the future. Besides the poisons and chemicals, factory- Queen- raising and other stressors which are causing the demise of the honey bee; the ever evolving Commodification of the Factory Hive continues to help bring great peril to the bees. The plastic frames is what commercial beekeepers put inside of their hives to save time and money. The plastic frames are colder in temperature than the wax ones and it makes a cold bridge within the hive in the winter. The plastic frames are ridged and no longer allow the bees to naturally communicate through vibration. The living skeleton of the hive body has been replaced with a plastic part instead. This Thought Form alone is going to come back to bite us all if we don’t start to See the basic disrespect for life such “transgenic thoughts” hold towards nature and all life. The plastic frame is unethical and turns the hive into an assembly line. The Queen Excluder used in these hives keeps the Queen from living and moving within the entire superorganism, which is her home . The new Factory Flow HiveTM has a plastic frame inside of it where the bees can do nothing but put honey into the man -made cells and then what it does , when you crank the handle,is that the separated sections of the plastic frame cells crack open and you break the transgenic- skeleton of the hive. The honey runs out and then the bees can once more continue their enslaved work on those frames and fill them up again for the next Fill Up with your honey jar.

And the second example to compromise the life enhancing work of the backyard beekeeper is the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture’s new policy to
pay a high percentage of the costs for you to buy new hives or split your own hives and then take them to commercial farms for “Pollination Services”. We assume these
subsidies have been made to commercial beekeepers before now, however the new target of small backyard beekeepers with 2 to 9 hives is new. It is basically
tempting the backyard beekeeper with money to compromise their bees and start to think about the enslavement of the honey bee for a “profit”. The islands of
sanctuary which backyard beekeepers are providing for the honey bee is now being seen as not to small to target…………how interesting. Oh,by the way, the backyard beekeeper who just keeps his bees for honey is not qualified for funding in this program. Only if you wish to compromise and commodify  your hives are you funded.

Please be advised – backyard beekeepers are seen as a target for unethical beekeeping practices .


3 thoughts on “BACKYARD BEEKEEPERS BEWARE OF NEW “honey on tap”

  1. Thank you so very much for your bee-loving setting out of the terribleness of this contraption. You have put it all very well. I hope many many people get to read it. May I place it on my site here in The Netherlands with reference to the correct source please?

  2. Shirley and Klaus, thank you for this thoughtful, revealing article. I have just googled ‘Flow Hive’ and saw the video. It is presented as a miraculous invention and indeed, the video has garnered over a million views and crowdfunding over 6 million dollars for the inventors to mass produce it.
    I posted a link to your article on that youtube page and on their facebook page so that people can read your take on this ‘miracle’.
    I am not sure about time zone differences, but the inventors are connecting with interested people this Friday online and the details are here:

    Flow Hive (from Facebook)
    We have some exciting news for anyone who has questions for us. This week we are doing our first Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).
    We will be taking your questions from 8.30am, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), Friday 10th April at, and will be answering as many as we can from 9am until 10am.
    If you’re not sure what time this is in your area, check here:
    See you on Friday!

    Please keep up your good work in advocating for the bees and for the planet. xo

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