The apricot tree is absolutely amazing at the moment, with perfect white flowers. When you stand underneath of it the humming song from the wild bees, the honey bees and the bumblebees creates its own type of Haiku poetry. With the warm sun and fragrance in the air, we can finally stop the worrying about chilled brood and not enough nectar for the bees and all of those other concerns with a late Spring. Life cannot get better than this. Finally those Van Gogh-sunbursts of blazing yellow dandelions are everywhere and the bees are absolutely silly with happiness, flying back and forth as if the months of waiting in the hive has made its own pendulum-like push of energy for them. This is our favourite time at the honey bee Sanctuary – the long fresh green grass has white areas of
wild strawberries and every tree has chosen a shade of green to dress itself in.

Here at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary we like to think that we have created an Island of Sanctuary for and with the Bees, with corridors of goodwill and connectivity  to other natural keepers of bees who are creating their own  Islands of Sanctuary for the honey bee. These corridors of connectivity from Bello Uccello’s Honey Bee Sanctuary   include all of the people of goodwill who we communicate with in  one way or another and they share their various ways of helping the honey bee through  planting  heritage seeds,  not putting  chemicals on their properties , buying  only honey from non-honey-factory hives and doing many  other wonderful acts of respect and kindness to nature and the bees so we all can thrive on this planet.

Each of us, in our own way, are creating small Islands of Sanctuary and it is now the time to make sure your good work within your Island of Sanctuary for the things and beings you love, have corridors of connectivity to others. This is how we transform this planet, because eventually all of those Islands of Sanctuary will have so many corridors of connectivity to other Islands of Sanctuary that the entire earth will represent something new – something respectful and joyful and  inclusive of all of the web of  life and beings on this planet .  .

The Chemical Warfare of Toxicity and Poison Era is in its last throws and the Human Being and this Beautiful Earth with its web of life Shall prevail. As we watch corporations now openly destroy living forests to grow GE trees for biofuel, try to patent” life- resiliency” as a commodity and basically try to compromise our food and water  supply in every way possible; we know their days are numbered and the tides have turned. People everywhere are refusing to give their life forces to be implicated in that web of death and are busy at a very personal and local level manifesting their dreams and in so doing they are creating small Islands of Sanctuary. .

There is a” hidden Truth within the nature of great transformation; a new path of harmony always emerges out of the chaos of the present moment”(Caroline Myss) So it is interesting that yesterday we gathered with 22 very warm  and creative people who each have made  their own version of life-enhancing  sanctuaries for their  Life on this planet. The gathering was called “Bee Harmony” and there was sharing about the honey bee and biodynamic farming and how each person was manifesting their dream and creating their own small Islands of Sanctuary for their families, and their communities.  It really was an experience and exploration together and we left having met new friends and feeling a new connectivity with the dreams and manifestations of other people who now have a corridor of goodwill to each other’s Islands of Sanctuary. For us here at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary we no longer look “out there”  to change the world, but rather we are trying to Bee the Changes we wish to see in the world…………just like so many of you are doing also.

For you readers who wish to learn more about ley lines (geomagnetic fields on the earth) in connection with the honey bees, you will find the book “Geomagnetic Honey Bees” by John Harding very interesting. John is very clear about his long experience with honey bees and the geomagnetic lines of the earth. It is about a vibrant hive and also a very plausible solution to the varroa mite problem. We highly recommend this book for new and experienced keepers of bees alike.




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