biodynamic beekeeping course 2016

Spring is definitely here in Nova Scotia and once again we will be offering two Natural Beekeeping Workshops based on Biodynamic Principles on June 11th and 12th or June 14th and June 15th.



Bello Uccello Honeybee Sanctuary, a Demeter certified biodynamic honey bee
sanctuary, will be holding it’s ninth Natural Beginners Beekeeping Workshops based on
Biodynamic Principles on

Saturday June 11th and Sunday June 12th or on Tuesday,
June l4th and Wednesday June l5th, 2016.

The course is two full days and only two courses are held per year with a limited registration of participants. They fill up quickly.
Klaus Langpohl, an experienced, certified biodynamic beekeeper, will be your Guide
as he shares with you, one-on-one, the Amazing Life of the Honey Bee, inside and
outside of the Hive . The Bees and the Hive will be your Teacher. The workshop is
designed to prepare you for your journey to become a Natural Beekeeper based on
biodynamic principles. This is an intensive l5 hours of classroom and outdoor, hands-on
experiences. In a small class setting you will learn about the world of the Queen of the
Sun and you will:
– learn about the science of the bee and the hive and the life cycle of the bee
– discover how to take care of the bees without chemicals,
– gain hands on experiences with the hives,gaining confidence in approaching,
observing and working with the hive throughout the season  and learning about the equipment and assembly of a hive
– practice the art of inspecting the hive and Seeing what to look for as a natural
– learn about the pests and diseases which threaten the bees and natural solutions to
these challenges
– discover the calendar of beekeeping as a biodynamic beekeeper and view the natural
world relationships which influence the honey bee
– meet others in a small class setting who are also environmentally conscious and place
a high value on organic/biodynamic food quality
– learn how to regress the size of the honey cell back to its original mite resistant size
– discover how to locate a hive on your property


We would appreciate your forwarding this notice to other friends of the honey bee whom you think would be interested in becoming a Natural Beekeeper.  We and the Bees thank you .


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