Summer is yummy and this year we can say it is truly an amazing year for the honey bees at the sanctuary. Not only did all of the hives survive the mild winter with good health and happiness but they were really ready for the nectar season to begin.
This very strong life force which the biosphere and the cosmos is radiating forth is not only for the honey bees to be strong and healthy but also for Human Beings.

Before our yearly  beekeeping courses began we had three friends of ours join us at the honey bee sanctuary to meet the bees. They are triplets and three years old. You can see the little boy has his hands on his hips and surveying the whole situation —-his questions were real ones and perhaps in a couple of years Klaus will have a small apprentice to help with the bees. Notice the lack of concern about the bees flying around them – they were fearless and totally in the present moment of  the discovery of Life.
The lesson from the Sanctuary this time is from the baby-bee-triplets who are Love Beings too – – – Nature is a safe place —-Bees like children—–Get up close and person about looking at the miracle of nature and Ask lots, and lots and lots of Questions——–experience your inheritance of this sacred earth with inquisitiveness and joy. Celebrate nature and the Song of Summer!
‘But perhaps the Mystic Honey Doctrine The Principal Upanishads, translated and edited by Swami Nikhilananda (1963)explains it more simply:
“This earth is the honey of all beings and all beings are the honey of this earth.” Mystic Honey Doctrine

“This sun is the honey of all beings and all beings are the honey of this sun.”



  1. Hello

    Love receiving your emails!

    I am setting up places for my bee hives on our new farm. Just wondering if it matters if they are in fulll sun or should they have partial shade

    I have dowsed for the laylines to figure out where iis best to place them as you had said in one of your email newsletters

    I Love receiving your emails and always look forward to the next one with great anticipatioon

    Glad to hear that your bees are doing well! I had a hive for 2 years and this year around Easter I went out to check on them as I love doing and found them all dead in the hive. Freshly dead. There were not many mites. I do not understand as they had been doing so well

    Our neighbour has a greenhouse so I just wonder if he had sprayed his flowers and the bees went there??

    Here it is so dry that our crops did not even come up this year

    Glad to hear that your bees are doing well!

    Would Love to attend your workshops just now is not the right tiime

    Keep doing what you are doing as I beleive it is needed to help everyone


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    • Greetings from Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary Diane.

      A new farm is where the future of this world lies at the moment.

      Creating spaces of life. In the South one would consider shade and paint the hive boxes white but in Canada where the heat
      is a fleeting experience in the big picture, the location of the hive on the Intersection of Ley Lines in the full Sun is best.
      Naturally proper ventilation with slotted and screened bottom board and vented drone cafes is a necessity. One can adjust
      to the variety of temperatures and close the drawer in the winter and plug the screened holes in the drone cafe for winter also.

      Usually honey bees which go into a greenhouse do not come out because they go to the windows and die. EMF’s and cell phone
      towers etc are a very real danger for the bees. I cell phone placed in a bee hive will kill the hive within three weeks and so guess
      what is happening to all of the people carrying those things around with them all the time. They really have no off position in terms
      of the radiation which they emit. We put a copper roof on our hives to keep the emfs a bit at bay but we are off the road and
      away from that crazy life as much as one can be.
      We are still ashing the hive with homeopathic mite D8 and it is very excellent.

      Do enjoy your bees and your new farm. Wishing you all the best,

      Klaus and Shirley and the Bees from Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary

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