Last summer we were visiting a local artist coop’s Gallery at St Bernard Church here in Digby County and this is where we met Demeter.
Do google” Demeter Goddess of Agriculture” to learn about this particular Goddess and the rest of her godly family. Our Biodynamic Beekeeping certification comes from the certifying body, Demeter.

A local stone artist had created three pieces for this art exhibit and really we were quite taken by a beautiful pumpkin-sized tomato when we noticed in the corner of the exhibition room, sitting on a table, a rather interesting granite form.

This was one of those destiny moments where several parts of the whole come together to create a story. The origins of this lovely Goddess- of -Agriculture captured in stone was that the sculptor, Mark Graff, had a huge stone sitting in the middle of his tomato patch and every year his rototiller and the stone “met” each other on several occasions.
Apparently last year he and the stone finally communicated and he pulled the huge granite out of the ground and the stone revealed to him the hidden Goddess of Agriculture, namely Demeter, hiding within it , right down to her hair of cornrows !
It was really love at first site when we met this lovely goddess and Mark kindly escorted her to our home where she now sits on top of one of Klaus’ top bar hives, doing what comes natural to Goddesses.

We celebrated our obtaining our Demeter Biodynamic Beepkeeping Certification for 2018 with “Demeter” this year — she did her part on the joyous occasion by blessing the bees and the hives and the land!


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