About Bello Uccello HONEY BEE SANCTUARY – Biodynamic Bee Keeping

Greetings from Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary.  I am  Klaus Langpohl and with my  wife, Shirley, we take care of the honey bees at  Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary in Nova Scotia, Canada.  We are a Demeter Certified Biodynamic Honey Bee Sanctuary  and what we learn from the honey bees and the Hive, we wish to share with you in the form of this blog and with others  in our Natural Beekeeping Workshops for Beginners,  based on Biodynamic Principles.

Twelve  years ago we posed the question “What is happening to the honey bees?” and that Question has lead us on a journey with the honey bees and the hive which has created the work which we do now with and for the bees . This journey has blessed us with a vision to see the hive and the bees in a special way which has helped create a New Bee Culture which we share with others.

Our Beekeeping Philosophy
This work which we do with the hive and the bees is a work of Love and that Intention is what colours whatever project or involvement we have with the Hive and the Beingness of the Bees.  The cosmology which we carry within our heart and which manifests in our    work with the honey bees,  seems to align with the  philosophy  of Rudolph Steiner, who you will know as the German philosopher who founded the Waldorf Schools and biodynamic farming. Such a way of natural beekeeping is called “biodynamic beekeeping” and through working  with the principles  of Spiritual, Ethical and Ecological Intentions,  we have developed our approach to promote and enhance the Life Forces and  Well Beingness  of our hives.

We began to keep bees as a response to the worldwide crisis of the plight of the bee. It soon became very clear that there’s no mystery to why bees are dying;  the commodification and enslavement of the honey bee has in fact created such a “death culture” around the hive through their exposure to chemicals like neonics, herbicides, GMO crops, insecticides, fungicides and monoculture crop feeding, pollination services, drugs, etc. all  leaves them  with compromised immune systems and depleted of the nutrients they require.  Commercial bees are being trucked from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific coast and back again; they’re stressed and dying.

Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!”

Our project to work with the hive and the  bees has three purposes beyond the obvious one to help the honey bee in whatever ways we can.

Firstly, we wish to bring awareness to  people about the honey bees and their importance in our lives.

Secondly, we want to continue learning and sharing what we learn about raising healthy, natural bees with others who wish to become beekeepers .

Finally,  through sharing the spiritual, ethical and ecological questions concerning the honey bee ;we, as a human family, can gain a consciousness to raise Questions as to what enslaves and kills the Web of Life which we are so symbiotically connected to.

What’s so special about our honey?
Wildflower Honey from Bello Uccello Apiary Is Special Because:

1.  We use no chemicals in the raising of the bees or the making of the honey
2.  We use no “organically approved” chemicals.
3.  We do not rent our bees out to orchards and fields for pollination – those bees end up   being sprayed with chemicals when the crops are sprayed.
4.  We do not let our bees die off in the winter; we have them overwinter outside as in nature, so they maintain their normal biological rhythms.
5.  We have stress free hives which are not trucked around from one location to another
6.  Our honey is not pasteurized and has all of its natural healing properties. It also has  the  enzymes which are usually destroyed in the pasteurization process.
7.  Our honey is not pressure filtered and holds within it all of the health promoting & tasty properties of natural wild honey, including propolis, pollen and wax.
8.  We do not feed our bees plain sugar water in place of their own honey, as is the custom in commercial operations. We leave the bees with their own honey for nurturement. We take only the surplus honey from the hives.
9.  We provide our bees with specially designed hives which are raised off of the ground, so they’re well ventilated and there is no mold or dampness to stress the hive or harm the health of the bees.
10. We do not feed our bees commercially made pollen substitutes.
11. We use biodynamic principles in raising the bees.
12. Most important of all, we treat the bees with love and believe that loved bees make sweet honey. 🙂


Where can you find our products?
Right now, you can only buy our products at the Japanese Gallery in Barton, N.S. or  by making an appointment with us, or by visiting us on selected Saturdays at the Annapolis Royal Farmer’s Market in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada.  We will also ship within

Interested in beekeeping? 
First of all check out the blog entries  on this site because there is much to glean from these articles.  You can also Contact us via email to find out about our two day Natural Beekeeping Workshops based on Biodynamic Principles  at bello.bees@gmail.com


7 thoughts on “About Bello Uccello HONEY BEE SANCTUARY – Biodynamic Bee Keeping

  1. great….. and I look forward to following your journey with the bees..when we de-nature the bee we no longer have a bee but an illusion. Just as the dehorned ,pellet or grain fed , de-natured cow no longer really produces the substance called milk nor the manure which otherwise is really the fertile thought of the cow. Milk and Honey , Cows and Bees have so much to teach us.

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