Big Bee Creating the Landscape by S.Langpohl

Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary is a fully Demeter Certified Biodynamic Honeybee Apiary. What this means is that all intentions and actions with the honey bees and their hives and the products created from the sanctuary are based on spiritual, ethical and
ecological considerations. There are many Human Beings today who wish to be involved in being a Keeper of Bees. They want to help the bees. They are excited to connect with nature in a real way. All of this good Intention warms the Heart and affirms the shift of values and focus to a New Earth paradigm.

Breaking the addiction to consumerism is one of the signs of Freedom that everyone feels as they refuse to play the  binary-robotic role within a dehumanizing and mechanized old paradigm. It is not unusual for people to want to reflect the good and caring Human Values that they have within themselves by manifesting, in a real way, the goodwill which they hold . So taking care of honey bees and learning about nature is a choice that is being made by many and the first thing one has to consider is how do I learn about taking care of honey bees and where do I obtain my first hive.

You probably can see the Geography of Consumerism looming ahead in the first foot forward on this journey of wishing to be a Beekeeper. The equipment sold, the usual courses given, the local advice of a beekeeper, the books you may read and pretty well most things to do with beekeeping will, for the most part, be determined by the honey-factory model, so where does one begin? Let’s explore together this important question of Purchasing Honey Bees and Hives and some of the ethical and ecological considerations and questions posed.

Spring is the time when all to- be- Keepers of Bees start their journey of questing for bees for the first time in order to start the adventure of becoming a Keeper of Bees.
In today’s world, where everything seemingly can be purchased with the click of a button, why should it be any different for your new hive? Commercial bee operations will look at their winter losses from last year and will already have ordered their replacement bees from other countries or if possible, they will have simply split every hive which is worth splitting by inserting “spare” Queens from elsewhere,…….. and viola they have their numbers of hives back again.
From a biodynamic perspective the picture of how to do beekeeping is not so much focused on the industrial enslavement model, where everything is about time and money,  but rather where all thoughts are centered around an approach that seeks to create Spaces that will allow all life to unfold as naturally as possible.
This requires that we, as Keepers of Bees, consider always how we can support this organic unfoldment of new Space which is least disturbing to the organism
of the hive.

With regard to creating new colonies there are several ways one can go about this. Naturally, we as new keepers of bees, give our stamp of approval to the  method which reflects the considerations we hold most important – namely ethical, spiritual and ecological considerations.

                                                   CATCHING A FERAL SWARM

If you have ever seen honey bees in your own yard, by that I mean, apis mellifera, not bumble bees and not wild bees, then you most likely have a colony of honey bees nearby you, either from another beekeepers hive or from a feral hive of honey bees, living somewhere undetected, doing their wonderous work. Should this be the case, you may be able to  attract a swarm into your bait hive of choice, that you have installed at your premises. (check our blog entry on Russian Swarm Box).

Install your hive trap by mid-May with some frames in it and if you can get some old brood comb in a frame or just a junk piece of comb, place those in your bait box to create a good smell for the scout bees. If you are lucky the scout bees will inspect the new apartment -offering you have generously provided and give its approval and move the whole family to these new digs. Also  applying a few drops of 100% Young Living edible essential oil of Lemongrass will greatly increase your chance of attracting the scouts and convincing them to chose your location over other sites. This method of starting beekeeping would be the most natural way, but many factors do play a great role in the bees finding you. I would suggest this method be given a try, even if you are planning to purchase your bees later in the year, just to see what happens.


We will speak from our own experience from Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary, however there are others who take care of their bees respectfully, chemical free and

Through our year with the bees, by the time June comes around, the bees will have made their minds up for various reasons, to prepare for the Rebirth of their Hive. When this happens we will see the building of Queen cups and Queen cells, and a change in the behaviour of the Hive Being. After I have read the situation as good as I can, I determine whether the Hive Being in front of me is wishing to create a new hive or whether they are about to  replace their mother.
At that time one of our choices is to not interfere with the natural process going on in the hive  and rather  prepare for the hiving of the one or the several swarms which may emerge from the original hive eventually. Or I will look through the hive and remove frames with queen cells, which are almost capped and place them in special mini-hives (nucleus boxes) with ample numbers of their sister bees and food so that this small bee family can function as a normal, natural hive. These nucleus colonies will continue their daily routine until their new Queen- to- Bee hatches from her Queen Cell and goes on her mating flight . She returns as the Queen of the Hive and the Mother of all new family members to come in this hives expansion.

Depending on the original Hive Beings own strength and energetic nature, I help create either one or two nucleus colonies with four frames each. After such a procedure the Mother Hive will have the same appearance as a swarmed hive will look due to the thousands of bees that have left home to live in new hives.

                List of Ethical and Ecological Considerations in New Hive Creation:

1. Rebirth of the Hive through swarming is our first choice for expansion
2. In the new hives all the bees are sisters and come from the original hive’s home
3. All Queen cells come from the Mother Hive and the family traits and hive Beingness is ….respected and the genetics maintained
4. Once the Queen is mated the new hive is a True  hive with all the bees related to each    other and to their new Queen.
5. The swarming process is not induced, but happens naturally
6. Energetically we have supported the bees in their going through the process of making Queen Cells and Swarm Preparations and it is an ecological call as to whether we leave the hive to swarm naturally or to help in the swarming process through the new colony creation noted above.
7. The Queen of the original hive and the new small hives is related to all the sisters and brothers of the hives including their new Queens.
8. The bees in the new small hives always have the original wax cell foundations which their family created with all of its subtly of connectedness and smell and communication.
9. these natural considerations over the years  have lead to regressed- sized -bees, close to their original size before the bee-factory-industry took hold. Regressed- sized- bees are able to fight off the varroah mites better and are the choice bees to have
10.Taking a beginners bee course is a pre-requisite to responsible beekeeping. You don’t buy your car before you learn to drive and it is as logical as that for why one should have a bee course first and then bees.
11.All of our bees have never had any chemicals, and have never been removed from their land for pollination services, nor any other bee-factory-industry unethical


Packaged bees are just as they sound, meaning that they are arriving in a screened box with one to three pounds of bees and an unrelated Queen Bee caged and suspended in this box, surrounded by the bees. Or as I have learned lately, they also can come in a cardboard mailing tube whereby the amount of  bees seem to be  reduced in numbers. When you choose a package of bees you are getting bees not attached to a comb, and therefore there will be no brood present and there will be nothing that they would consider their home body. Remember the wax foundation is the skeleton of the hive.


Cardboard Mailing Tube



In this version you are accepting bees which live on chemical-contaminated combs , the brood is present, and the unrelated Queen is suspended in a cage, between the frames, waiting to be released into the new colony at its new location. Nucleus colonies can come in 3, 4 or 5 frame versions depending what is offered. If you get a 5 frame version  it does not necessarily mean you get more bees, but just more food stored in this version.

                                   A  FULL SUPER HIVE FROM INDUSTRIAL MODEL

Occasionally beekeepers will sell full hives, usually Langstroth, and in this case you will most likely get a hive of ten frames per box. Depending who is offering this hive, it can consist of either one or two boxes of bees with frames and their Queen or a new unrelated introduced Queen.

For this version it would be good to have some experience as a beekeeper already, as the expansion of the hive will be strong and you will be facing many decisions which would better be made in the second year of beekeeping. When you get a small four- frame- hive you have time to observe and learn from the bees and most likely you will not have swarming the first year. You and the hive will grow together.

If the practice which happens often in Nova Scotia, is the rule, then such full -super hives being offered by commercial beekeeping operations usually are hives which have been trucked around for pollination services of many sites, have been exposed to many toxins and chemicals and were probably fed on GMO corn syrup/sugar and GMO pollen patties, by the time these stressed hives are offered for sale to you. Weakened and stressed
hives rarely live through the winter , just as they would not have survived with the seller. Get it:-}!

             List of Considerations in purchasing from the Bee Industrial Model:

1. Remember how we said you should take a beginners course first; well this is where the catch 22 happens. If you are not taking a Natural Beekeeping Course but the usual modern industrial farming method  beekeeping course , then what you will be told as “business as normal in the bee world “will be from a window of an enslavement model. Even wonderful beekeepers who love their bees, do not know they are involved in a system of commodification of life. This has been going on for over one hundred years and so the”normal” is far from normal. The equipment you will be told to buy, the way you take care of the bees with mite strips, fuming them with acids, making money on them, etc etc. will all be presented as the norm. There is nothing normal, ethical or ecological about that type of “norm”.

2. For all of the versions we have just mentioned, except where you catch your own swarm, or where you have been “gifted” with a swarm or given a chance to catch a swarm through a fire department etc , or you acquired a hive through a Demeter certified Apiary, you should know certain facts:
a) what you are purchasing is Called a Hive, and technically speaking it is a “hive” because man has the naming power to say this is a fact and name it so. But from
Nature’s Truth this bringing together of separated parts energetically and spiritually DOES NOT make a True Hive.

With the packaged bees version you will have what is called Shaken Bees. Shaken Bees means that a beekeeper will use a big funnel and will either shake the bees off of frames from one hive or several hives until the screened box is full enough to meet the appropriate “package weight” requirements.
b) the Queen Bee, which is not related to these shaken bees at all, and who more than likely was shipped from another country or continent, is caged and suspended among these displaced bees with a food supply so that they will not starve to death. Often our packaged bees here come from New Zealand for example and the Queen is usually Hawaiian. These bees are displaced, not related to each other, without their real mother and from a different climate and environment and then shipped to you.
c) if you have a commercial beekeeper in your area selling packaged bees the procedure is the same, less the transcontinental shipping.
As you can see, there are choices you can make and sometimes availability will force upon us paths that are not perfect at all, but it is very important to be aware what you are looking at, despite the claims of the industry and it’s sales pitch. And also once you are responsible for a Hive Being , you by allowing the bees to go back to their own ways, by enhancing their life force and treating them with care and love, Nature has a wonderful way of bouncing back and wishing to dance with you, the Keeper of Bees.

Remember every thought counts and every intention carried through your heart will effect all levels of life everywhere.

BEE POLLEN: unethical food substitute


Fog is holding the sweet smell of the apple blossoms which hang in full bloom all along the cliffs of the bay. Somehow an etherial Mt Fuji has
presented itself for contemplation at the “head-of-the-tide”. Trees have dressed themselves completely in variations of green and the bees have already discovered the hanging flowers of the maple trees. This is early summer at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary.

Last winter was very mild and the bees came out of the hives in March in great numbers. Every hive had a healthy life force with no signs of disease. It is such a wonderful feeling to see them emerge from their hive and go straight to work gathering the
pollen which is so essential for their new brood and expansion of the hive. We did give them extra insulation to the North for the winter months, but we believe the positioning of every hive body on the intersection of ley lines was one of the most helpful ingredients in helping the bees survive the winter months. Naturally
leaving 150 lbs of honey and pollen per hive, not exposing the bees nor the hive to poisons and chemicals , respecting the rhythmic natural cycles
of the hive in our working with the bees and keeping electric magnetic pollution from the hives as much as possible ,all contribute to
the result of happy bees floating up into the air and coming back with pockets full of multi-colored pollen.

Recently a person, concerned about the honey bees, wrote an email inquiring into the ethics of buying bee pollen. How wonderful that people are becoming more and more aware of ” the big picture ” of food these days and considering the ethical,
ecological and spiritual issues and responsibilities surrounding their involvement in their day to day actions of living life -for example, buying honey or pollen or royal jelly. In a previous article on this blog we wrote about the vegan requirements for ethical
honey. Now we shall address the fact that there is no such thing as “ethical” pollen. And even worse is the taking of “royal jelly”……simply put, it is a crime against nature .


Bee drumming-17

Pollen are first found in the alders in the early spring and it is a timely protein provision for feeding the baby bees who have been newly birthed in the hive and for feeding all the bees in the hive as they wait for the right warm temperatures to leave it for gathering.. The nectar from the dandelion and other early plants is also gathered and turned into honey by the bees, to provide the hive with carbohydrates.
When the great bounty of blossoms appear in early summer it is known as “high season” for the bees and there is so much pollen and nectar available from all of the blossoming trees and flowers that it is now the bees Expansion of the Hive cycle. The pollens come in varying colours from bright yellows and oranges to greens and whites. The bees return to the hive with back- pouches full of pollen. When you observe a hive you can easily see these pollen on the bees back legs. The bees make Bee Bread from pollen and fermented honey which they feed to the baby bees when they are around four days old. . All bees of the Hive depend upon Pollen and especially the brood.

Pollen is stored for future survival of the hive.

QUESTION: Why can’t a pollen trap be placed in the entrance to the hive to take some of the extra pollen from the bees;, after all we take the “extra” honey?

The pollen is a very important protein food to the bees and without protein the bees will die. There is ethically no acceptable “substitute” for natural pollen gathered by
the bees in nature, no matter what product some company is flogging. GMO soya “pollen” patties, or any other pollen substitute  products offered on the market are Not Pollen. Some of these “products” say they have a small percentage of natural pollen in them, but they are not True 100% natural pollen which the bees need .  No more than most of the food at the supermarket today is  real natural food but rather it is  only “chemically produced edible product” of GMO corn or soya, HFCS and other chemical concoctions; but not truly natural food with great life forces to nurture our children or ourselves. What we do to the bees we do to ourselves.   Unlike the nectar substitute which we can make from stored honey supplies from our own bees and herbals and Young Living organic essences of plants, to help the bees when there is a dirth of nectar from the plants; pollen needs to be solely sourced by the bees directly from nature.

If we have frames with so much pollen in them that the bees need room to store honey and raise brood in that space within the hive, we remove this pollen- laden- frame and freeze it. When food is short for the bees, or a young nucleus colony  or swarm requires instant protein,  the pollen frames go back into those  hives for the bees to be nurtured.

QUESTION: I wish to have pollen for my overall health and so is there any ethical source for pollen?

No and Yes.  There is no ethical source of bee pollen for a “consumer product” which has been gathered with pollen traps at the entrance to the bee hives
and then bottled for sale as a supplement. But organic raw unfiltered Honey has pollen in it, as well as propolis, which is nature’s anti-biotic.
Find someone who is selling RAW, UNFILTERED, BIODYNAMIC,or ORGANIC HONEY and you have an ethical source of pollen in the honey.

Remember that the pollen in the stores has usually  come from  commercial honey-factory-farms which have used many chemicals and poisons  inside and outside the hive and they are found in the wax, honey,pollen  and bodies of the bees. It does not make sense to take such a by-product of that paradigm of chemical farming and consume it for your health.  Illogical.

QUESTION: In places where there is no winter, they can have a continual source of pollen coming all year long. Is it ethical to buy these pollen?

The Hive is not a Commodity Factory, regardless of what practices have evolved due to our momentary evolutionary drop into mechanistic thinking. This lapse in our Higher Consciousness is passing and Human Beings are gaining their Freedom to think with their Hearts , which by the way, has 500 times more electro-magnetic energy than the brain. Just like the Bees have their Bee Space it is up to us all to make the little decisions in our day- to- day life to Create new Spaces  to Dream new dreams about the world we wish to live in.
The majority of Human Beings are bored with “stuff” and with being enslaved, unhappy consumers and the shift to creating new Spaces for a new earth sometimes is as
easy as asking the right questions and choosing to live as harmlessly as possible a creative and happy life. New Spaces for a new earth – lots of
places to look up such discussions on this shift . Everyone’s Heart already knows its own destiny and if you see clearly the issues involved in commodifying a loving and serving-of-humanity -and the- earth living organism, such as the Bee and the Hive, into a Mechanistic Factory for mono-cultured pollination services, trapped pollen supply, honey taken and high fructose corn syrup sugar substitutes given for the bees to eat instead of their honey, propolis removal for bottling
and Queens raised and killed to extract royal jelly, then you can apply what you now See to the paradigm in which you live. Choices –
we change the world to a better place by recognizing we have choices, one Human Being at a time.




The apricot tree is absolutely amazing at the moment, with perfect white flowers. When you stand underneath of it the humming song from the wild bees, the honey bees and the bumblebees creates its own type of Haiku poetry. With the warm sun and fragrance in the air, we can finally stop the worrying about chilled brood and not enough nectar for the bees and all of those other concerns with a late Spring. Life cannot get better than this. Finally those Van Gogh-sunbursts of blazing yellow dandelions are everywhere and the bees are absolutely silly with happiness, flying back and forth as if the months of waiting in the hive has made its own pendulum-like push of energy for them. This is our favourite time at the honey bee Sanctuary – the long fresh green grass has white areas of
wild strawberries and every tree has chosen a shade of green to dress itself in.

Here at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary we like to think that we have created an Island of Sanctuary for and with the Bees, with corridors of goodwill and connectivity  to other natural keepers of bees who are creating their own  Islands of Sanctuary for the honey bee. These corridors of connectivity from Bello Uccello’s Honey Bee Sanctuary   include all of the people of goodwill who we communicate with in  one way or another and they share their various ways of helping the honey bee through  planting  heritage seeds,  not putting  chemicals on their properties , buying  only honey from non-honey-factory hives and doing many  other wonderful acts of respect and kindness to nature and the bees so we all can thrive on this planet.

Each of us, in our own way, are creating small Islands of Sanctuary and it is now the time to make sure your good work within your Island of Sanctuary for the things and beings you love, have corridors of connectivity to others. This is how we transform this planet, because eventually all of those Islands of Sanctuary will have so many corridors of connectivity to other Islands of Sanctuary that the entire earth will represent something new – something respectful and joyful and  inclusive of all of the web of  life and beings on this planet .  .

The Chemical Warfare of Toxicity and Poison Era is in its last throws and the Human Being and this Beautiful Earth with its web of life Shall prevail. As we watch corporations now openly destroy living forests to grow GE trees for biofuel, try to patent” life- resiliency” as a commodity and basically try to compromise our food and water  supply in every way possible; we know their days are numbered and the tides have turned. People everywhere are refusing to give their life forces to be implicated in that web of death and are busy at a very personal and local level manifesting their dreams and in so doing they are creating small Islands of Sanctuary. .

There is a” hidden Truth within the nature of great transformation; a new path of harmony always emerges out of the chaos of the present moment”(Caroline Myss) So it is interesting that yesterday we gathered with 22 very warm  and creative people who each have made  their own version of life-enhancing  sanctuaries for their  Life on this planet. The gathering was called “Bee Harmony” and there was sharing about the honey bee and biodynamic farming and how each person was manifesting their dream and creating their own small Islands of Sanctuary for their families, and their communities.  It really was an experience and exploration together and we left having met new friends and feeling a new connectivity with the dreams and manifestations of other people who now have a corridor of goodwill to each other’s Islands of Sanctuary. For us here at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary we no longer look “out there”  to change the world, but rather we are trying to Bee the Changes we wish to see in the world…………just like so many of you are doing also.

For you readers who wish to learn more about ley lines (geomagnetic fields on the earth) in connection with the honey bees, you will find the book “Geomagnetic Honey Bees” by John Harding very interesting. John is very clear about his long experience with honey bees and the geomagnetic lines of the earth. It is about a vibrant hive and also a very plausible solution to the varroa mite problem. We highly recommend this book for new and experienced keepers of bees alike.




In a dusty corner over Klaus’s assembly table in his workshop is a faded cartoon given to him by my late father, several years ago when we first started this adventure with the Honey Bees. It shows a disheveled- looking Langstroth hive with a comical , not to bright looking fellow, dressed in a bee suit ,standing beside the front of the hive with a Ketchup bottle stuck under the entrance hole with a tap installed , waiting to fill his bottle with ketchup. The caption under this drawing is “Ketchup Bees”. The absurdity of this cartoon never ceased to get a smile out of us every time we happened to glance at it.


The Industrial- Revolutionary- worldview ,which has reached its zenith in turning Human Beings and everything else on this Planet into perceived Objects just waiting to be exploited with mechanical cleverness,still persists, albeit in its dying throws at the moment. People are waking up everywhere and we are all re-educating ourselves to become free thinking and feeling Human Beings that have the Freedom to have critical thinking and to live goodwill towards all Life on this planet. The 99% are unwilling to be dehumanized into assembly-line- enslavement- systems or be the manipulated into ” brainwashed- consumers” that give their creative life force away to buy a material trinket that is no more eternal nature than a sneeze. Times are changing and so is the language and images being used to fool all of this goodwill which is present at this time. Green- washing is just one of the ways in which  people’s goodwill is being usurped into agendas that are still about exploitation .

The growth in the number of people concerned about the Honey Bee is amazing. It is happening all over the world. We all can be Keepers of Bees by being seed savers, planting indigenous flowering plants or  by becoming one of the  increasing number of people learning to be  hobby or backyard beekeeper.  These people  are sincere in wanting to help the honey bee and make a difference. This growth in numbers has also made the backyard beekeeper a target for the next marketing ploy, as they present an Opportunity. Lots of concerned people of goodwill, who perhaps, do not know all of the facts, is a ripe target for this predatorship  to manifest.

The first example we have is the FLOW HIVE  TM. Everyone has seen the ads, seen the tap and the happy child waiting for their honey jar to be filled with honey. No more disturbing of the bees, just crank and pull and take away your honey. A pure mechanistic approach to the new Factory Hive. Only a Predator looks at the living superorganism of the Hive as a factory for honey  which they can “harvest” and consume as they wish. You can even have multiple taps and hoses to “tap” the honey —-like a maple syrup operation. Let’s take a closer look at why this is not a good idea. In an era where battery chickens are now seen as unacceptable by most of us, why on earth would we accept the same mentality for a living bee hive? Look past the priestcrafted words and investigate deeper into what is really going on. As backyard beekeepers, creating islands of sanctuary for the bees, until the world once again becomes connected to the living beings and species which sustain our very life on this planet; we need to be careful to not be used by the profit -making -industry, to compromise the great work that we all  have done in saving the honey bee.

Let’s look inside of this superorganism of the hive:

The hive has combs of wax cells which the Queen fills with eggs to create baby bees and which the worker bees fill with honey and pollen stores so the house bees can feed the young and the Queen and create a larder for winter. This honeycomb is equivalent to the skeleton in your body and it is the skeleton of the hive itself, which holds the superorganism of the colony . All life within the hive takes place on these wax combs which the bees love to make. . The bees vibrate the comb made from their own wax for communication within the hive, similar to our nervous system messages, and they also have birth and dance on the wax comb. If you use foundation sheets of wax, you will often find the bottoms of the foundation sheets nibbled free from the wooden frame so the vibrations for their “messaging system” can work best. This will never happen on the ridged plastic frame, unless of course the bees are given false teeth in the future. Besides the poisons and chemicals, factory- Queen- raising and other stressors which are causing the demise of the honey bee; the ever evolving Commodification of the Factory Hive continues to help bring great peril to the bees. The plastic frames is what commercial beekeepers put inside of their hives to save time and money. The plastic frames are colder in temperature than the wax ones and it makes a cold bridge within the hive in the winter. The plastic frames are ridged and no longer allow the bees to naturally communicate through vibration. The living skeleton of the hive body has been replaced with a plastic part instead. This Thought Form alone is going to come back to bite us all if we don’t start to See the basic disrespect for life such “transgenic thoughts” hold towards nature and all life. The plastic frame is unethical and turns the hive into an assembly line. The Queen Excluder used in these hives keeps the Queen from living and moving within the entire superorganism, which is her home . The new Factory Flow HiveTM has a plastic frame inside of it where the bees can do nothing but put honey into the man -made cells and then what it does , when you crank the handle,is that the separated sections of the plastic frame cells crack open and you break the transgenic- skeleton of the hive. The honey runs out and then the bees can once more continue their enslaved work on those frames and fill them up again for the next Fill Up with your honey jar.

And the second example to compromise the life enhancing work of the backyard beekeeper is the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture’s new policy to
pay a high percentage of the costs for you to buy new hives or split your own hives and then take them to commercial farms for “Pollination Services”. We assume these
subsidies have been made to commercial beekeepers before now, however the new target of small backyard beekeepers with 2 to 9 hives is new. It is basically
tempting the backyard beekeeper with money to compromise their bees and start to think about the enslavement of the honey bee for a “profit”. The islands of
sanctuary which backyard beekeepers are providing for the honey bee is now being seen as not to small to target…………how interesting. Oh,by the way, the backyard beekeeper who just keeps his bees for honey is not qualified for funding in this program. Only if you wish to compromise and commodify  your hives are you funded.

Please be advised – backyard beekeepers are seen as a target for unethical beekeeping practices .


So many good hearted people are concerned about the killing of the honey bees these days that many people

would like to do their part to help change this situation.  Such Good Will and Intent is what will help the honey bees and will also help our world to become the kind of world we all would like to live in – a Peaceful one, filled with Good Will to All Life.   Thank you for all that you do for the honey bees, it is important.

Two days ago I went to the local greenhouse to help my mum  buy her hanging plants.  When I asked whether there were poison chemicals used, the answer was yes.  Also he informed us that the  occasional bee goes in the open greenhouses and they die. By now you know that the GMO seed will most likely kill the honeybee and other pollinators and that the Neonicotinoids, based on the most recent Harvard Univ. study, Will Kill the Bees  – but did you know that you need to ask at stores that sell “bee friendly seed” and “bee friendly plants” whether these plants have been treated with   neonicotinoids?  It is shocking to buy a plant with a cute bee picture on the tag and then find out they are bee killers.  Anything which you buy requires a Question to be asked – is this GMO, and  does this have poison chemicals in it or on it or does it have Neonicotinoids.  Organic seeds and organic flowers and  plants  and flowers  from  a local grower who can assure you that they do not use the “bee killers” on their plants or seeds are your best bet.

As we all learn to Ask Questions, we usually find out there is always more than “meets  the eye”.  For example,this week we read that Spider poison is being put into honey bees and “it does not kill the honey bee” and they think it might kill the mite.   Here at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary we approach the entire question of “mites” and other diseases as a Question of naturally  Enhancing the Life Forces of the Honey Bee, rather than “killing something”.   Mankind has spent the last couple of hundred years truly “killing” off whatever it sees as a problem  and where has this gotten us?  This approach lacks critical observation – as we continue to kill bad bacteria, the mutating  1% which survives becomes the super-bacteria which holds the potential to wipe us out because we have no natural defence to the very  unnatural “enemy” we ourselves have just created . The mites have mutated to the point that they  actually thrive on some of the poisons which they put into the hive to kill them. The honey bee’s burden has became  worse because the mite is now stronger than before

.  It is time we think about making the Good so strong with natural, Positive  Life Forces  that give a High Vitality to the Hive , that the negative is “neutralized” and disappears because of its own irrelevance.  Let’s start searching for all of those amazing people, Johann Grander from Austria (water), Dr Higa from Japan (effective micro-organisms), Dr Franz Hormann from Austria (new economy); Rudolf Steiner’s llectures;Ing. Werner Rauscher, solar pioneer in Gussing,Austria; Spirit Science of Drunvalo; the Grounded Movie on Earthing,  and this list could go on forever……………………………..

Let us all stop being Compliant to the Pied Piper song of destruction of our beautiful world  and simply Ask the Questions which need to be asked.  This will save the Honey Bee and this will save you and your Love Ones because we are all so interrelated.Image

Biodynamic Keeper of Bees – part of the hive _   Bees help keep the head cool

question: POSTSCRIPT: What is Natural that they call adding spider venom to a honey bee a “Natural Solution”?  — mercury is a natural product, but I don’t want it in my teeth or drinking water.  The word Natural is being used to manipulate the population into thinking that because the word “natural”is used then it means it is good. Nature is good – right?  Discernment is so important for us all to practice at this time.