BEE POLLEN: unethical food substitute


Fog is holding the sweet smell of the apple blossoms which hang in full bloom all along the cliffs of the bay. Somehow an etherial Mt Fuji has
presented itself for contemplation at the “head-of-the-tide”. Trees have dressed themselves completely in variations of green and the bees have already discovered the hanging flowers of the maple trees. This is early summer at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary.

Last winter was very mild and the bees came out of the hives in March in great numbers. Every hive had a healthy life force with no signs of disease. It is such a wonderful feeling to see them emerge from their hive and go straight to work gathering the
pollen which is so essential for their new brood and expansion of the hive. We did give them extra insulation to the North for the winter months, but we believe the positioning of every hive body on the intersection of ley lines was one of the most helpful ingredients in helping the bees survive the winter months. Naturally
leaving 150 lbs of honey and pollen per hive, not exposing the bees nor the hive to poisons and chemicals , respecting the rhythmic natural cycles
of the hive in our working with the bees and keeping electric magnetic pollution from the hives as much as possible ,all contribute to
the result of happy bees floating up into the air and coming back with pockets full of multi-colored pollen.

Recently a person, concerned about the honey bees, wrote an email inquiring into the ethics of buying bee pollen. How wonderful that people are becoming more and more aware of ” the big picture ” of food these days and considering the ethical,
ecological and spiritual issues and responsibilities surrounding their involvement in their day to day actions of living life -for example, buying honey or pollen or royal jelly. In a previous article on this blog we wrote about the vegan requirements for ethical
honey. Now we shall address the fact that there is no such thing as “ethical” pollen. And even worse is the taking of “royal jelly”……simply put, it is a crime against nature .


Bee drumming-17

Pollen are first found in the alders in the early spring and it is a timely protein provision for feeding the baby bees who have been newly birthed in the hive and for feeding all the bees in the hive as they wait for the right warm temperatures to leave it for gathering.. The nectar from the dandelion and other early plants is also gathered and turned into honey by the bees, to provide the hive with carbohydrates.
When the great bounty of blossoms appear in early summer it is known as “high season” for the bees and there is so much pollen and nectar available from all of the blossoming trees and flowers that it is now the bees Expansion of the Hive cycle. The pollens come in varying colours from bright yellows and oranges to greens and whites. The bees return to the hive with back- pouches full of pollen. When you observe a hive you can easily see these pollen on the bees back legs. The bees make Bee Bread from pollen and fermented honey which they feed to the baby bees when they are around four days old. . All bees of the Hive depend upon Pollen and especially the brood.

Pollen is stored for future survival of the hive.

QUESTION: Why can’t a pollen trap be placed in the entrance to the hive to take some of the extra pollen from the bees;, after all we take the “extra” honey?

The pollen is a very important protein food to the bees and without protein the bees will die. There is ethically no acceptable “substitute” for natural pollen gathered by
the bees in nature, no matter what product some company is flogging. GMO soya “pollen” patties, or any other pollen substitute  products offered on the market are Not Pollen. Some of these “products” say they have a small percentage of natural pollen in them, but they are not True 100% natural pollen which the bees need .  No more than most of the food at the supermarket today is  real natural food but rather it is  only “chemically produced edible product” of GMO corn or soya, HFCS and other chemical concoctions; but not truly natural food with great life forces to nurture our children or ourselves. What we do to the bees we do to ourselves.   Unlike the nectar substitute which we can make from stored honey supplies from our own bees and herbals and Young Living organic essences of plants, to help the bees when there is a dirth of nectar from the plants; pollen needs to be solely sourced by the bees directly from nature.

If we have frames with so much pollen in them that the bees need room to store honey and raise brood in that space within the hive, we remove this pollen- laden- frame and freeze it. When food is short for the bees, or a young nucleus colony  or swarm requires instant protein,  the pollen frames go back into those  hives for the bees to be nurtured.

QUESTION: I wish to have pollen for my overall health and so is there any ethical source for pollen?

No and Yes.  There is no ethical source of bee pollen for a “consumer product” which has been gathered with pollen traps at the entrance to the bee hives
and then bottled for sale as a supplement. But organic raw unfiltered Honey has pollen in it, as well as propolis, which is nature’s anti-biotic.
Find someone who is selling RAW, UNFILTERED, BIODYNAMIC,or ORGANIC HONEY and you have an ethical source of pollen in the honey.

Remember that the pollen in the stores has usually  come from  commercial honey-factory-farms which have used many chemicals and poisons  inside and outside the hive and they are found in the wax, honey,pollen  and bodies of the bees. It does not make sense to take such a by-product of that paradigm of chemical farming and consume it for your health.  Illogical.

QUESTION: In places where there is no winter, they can have a continual source of pollen coming all year long. Is it ethical to buy these pollen?

The Hive is not a Commodity Factory, regardless of what practices have evolved due to our momentary evolutionary drop into mechanistic thinking. This lapse in our Higher Consciousness is passing and Human Beings are gaining their Freedom to think with their Hearts , which by the way, has 500 times more electro-magnetic energy than the brain. Just like the Bees have their Bee Space it is up to us all to make the little decisions in our day- to- day life to Create new Spaces  to Dream new dreams about the world we wish to live in.
The majority of Human Beings are bored with “stuff” and with being enslaved, unhappy consumers and the shift to creating new Spaces for a new earth sometimes is as
easy as asking the right questions and choosing to live as harmlessly as possible a creative and happy life. New Spaces for a new earth – lots of
places to look up such discussions on this shift . Everyone’s Heart already knows its own destiny and if you see clearly the issues involved in commodifying a loving and serving-of-humanity -and the- earth living organism, such as the Bee and the Hive, into a Mechanistic Factory for mono-cultured pollination services, trapped pollen supply, honey taken and high fructose corn syrup sugar substitutes given for the bees to eat instead of their honey, propolis removal for bottling
and Queens raised and killed to extract royal jelly, then you can apply what you now See to the paradigm in which you live. Choices –
we change the world to a better place by recognizing we have choices, one Human Being at a time.