Community Involvement in Catching a Swarm


The bees are now living in five story high-rises and the honey season is in full flower! Several nucs are sitting in the sanctuary and all  of them have a mated Queen who is laying eggs now. The noble pear tree in the Sanctuary has hosted three swarms so far this week and Klaus is being kept busy attending to these new manifestations of life – day and night:-} The swarms which come from our bees are easily recognizable due to their
regressed size. After a swarm, it is advisable to check the hives where you have seen Queen cells and this will tell you if they have come from your hives. OBSERVATION – above all the skills which we need to develop as keepers of bees, learning to Observe the nature and rhythms of the Hive and the life cycle of the honey bee is the most important one.

Here at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary each Hive has a name and her nucs usually reflect the “family” name, for example from the Paul Hive we have “Paulette”, “Paulina” etc and this helps us easily recognize the family traits and be more aware of the nature of the hives. We keep written  Records.
Every new keeper of bees will confirm this phenomena – you are all dressed up and ready to go to the hives and when you get there your brain goes into mush  and you look at the hives and become somewhat mesmerized. First we thought this
was from lack of experience but now we know the Frequency of the Hives is high and it actually has an effect on the Human Body. After years of thinking this was just a mistake, or a coincidence, or forgetfulness; we can assure all you keepers of bees who are
approaching the hives as a Guardian of the Honey Bee, you are not loosing your memory or losing some IQ points — no, you
are EXPERIENCING a new SPACE where the left brain is subdued into its serviceship to the right brain and “Dancing with the Hive” rather than “Managing the Hive” becomes a transformative exercise. Be patient with yourself and to help with the situation, draw up a list of things you need to do at the hives and what you need to Observe externally and internally. Check each of these things on your list each time and you will soon find you have trained yourself as a lst class Observer, not just of the bee hive but maybe of life too:-}

Contemplate on the idea that perhaps by approaching the Hive as an Observer who basis his actions on  feelings, intuition,questions  and knowing with the creative right side of the brain and uses the left side of the brain’s organizational skills, as backup,  might actually be an exercise in helping us find the Balance of Life.  Our New Earth, that all people of Good Will  are helping to co-create at this moment  , requires us Human Beings to learn to trust the right creative side of the brain and let the left side of the brain that has been over stimulated in control mantras to the point
it thinks control and domination and a world of losers and winners is normal, will be able to heal. There is a reason that the Pharaoh of Egypt was the Beekeeper, that the Mystery Schools holding ancient teachings of Wisdom used the Bee as their
symbol, that the Knights Templar had the “Queen Bee” symbol (the fleur de lis is the Queen of the Sun upside down} and the reason
is simply put —that Observation of the Hive and the Honey Bee holds the blueprint for all of Creation. So we encourage nature lovers
and keepers of bees to Keep Records of your Observations and take a list to the hives each time to help you remember to take time to Observe.