Nectar – Soul Essence of Flowers & Trees

Greetings from Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary and the very healthy honey bees buzzing around the hives today.  Our glasshouse was almost 100 degrees and windows had to be opened to deal with the heat of the sun on this February day.  Every hive is buzzing and doing cleansing flights.  All is well in the sanctuary this winter.  We are preparing for our courses for June and we are accepting requests for information on them now.



Flowers of last summer were abundant.

Sometimes sitting back and contemplating on not just the details but also attempting to see the Big Picture is worthy of consideration. There were so many strange things happening in Nature last summer that we waited until we heard from many of the local beekeepers before we came to any hasty conclusions about what all of this might mean.

Our summer was beautiful, one could say “idyllic” and the foggy mists from St Mary’s Bay moistened the shoreline and the fields in the morning and the
wonderful mists of the evening also gave droplets of the essence of life to all of the wild flowers, trees and the bees. It was the first “high season” of the year
for the honey bees. The flowers were in abundance, the sun radiated forth its life-giving nourishment and we awaited the signs from the bees to give additional Space for their anticipated expansion of their Hive. Long before mankind was involved in the bees rhythmic cycle during the “honey flow period” of the Year, this expansion cycle was happening for the honey bee and the hive. But……this year something changed.

Because our relationship with the bees is one where we are observing a lot and trying to learn more about them and what they have to teach us about symbiotic relationships in nature and with Life itself; we noticed that the activity of the hive was very “internal” and that not much was happening externally. This is at a time where the bees are usually flying from the first sign of the rising sun in the morning to the last sign of the setting sun in the evening. We knew something was amiss, but logically nothing could be wrong. Finally we opened up a hive and there were the bees in the thousands and they were creating lots of brood throughout the hive and consuming the small honey stores which they had been left from the Spring. The bees were not gathering enough nectar to fill the cells in the hive to keep the Queen laying in an orderly pattern . No nectar to fill the spaces equals the Queen laying many more eggs, which will also require much more honey, which just was not there! The bees were actually on their way to starvation. Every hive had the same story to tell. So we immediately went to the deep freezer and brought out the honey of theirs which we freeze for emergencies and started feeding every hive. Now here is the funny thing – the bees were eating the honey and feeding the honey to the increasing number of baby bees but their rhythm of flying off and gathering the nectar from the plants was not really happening. How odd…………………..The Rhythm of the bees in the Hive had been disturbed by the lack of nectar in the flowers and plants. We needed to help bring back the Rhythm again. The pure honey was not doing it. It was keeping them alive and they were making brood but the Rhythm was way out of balance. Honey is not the same as Nectar to the honey bee. It became obvious to us that what the bees needed was Nectar and not honey. When they have the Nectar they will fill that watery substance in the empty cells in the hive and that will stop the overproduction of the brood and leave the bees to make the honey from the nectar and the natural ancient Rhythms and life cycles of the Hive will be Restored.


Last summers bounty was amazing.  Lots of pollen but no nectar.

So we resorted to creating Steiner’s Bee Tea with honey rather than sugar as the substitute for the natural nectar, along with the flower essences.

1 liter water
2 kilos organic white cane sugar (at least make sure your sugar is non-GMO)
10% of the sugar for this recipe should be honey or even a higher ratio if possible. We use only honey from our freezer now.
1/2 cup of strong chamomile tea or 1 drop of Young Living or doTerra edible Chamomile Essential Oil
3 drops of Young Living or do Terra edible Lemon Oil
1 drop of Young Living or doTerra edible Lemongrass Oil
1 drop of Young Living or doTerra edible Spearmint Oil
one small pinch of grey sea salt
Dissolve the sugar and honey into the water with the grey salt over a med high heat until the sugar is completely dissovled into the liquid
The syrup must never boil or bubble, but must be hot enough to thoroughly integrate the crystals into the water. After removing from the heat, you
can wait 20 minutes and then add the rest of the ingredients.. When the liquid completely cools it will not crystallize but be a clear liquid. It should not have crystal formations in it.

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The honey we had plenty of, but to obtain the high quality of essences of lemongrass, lemon, chamomile and spearmint which were 100% pure, edible  and organic and which had no fillers in them was the challenge. The bees needed the Real thing. So once again the bees have given us a Life Enhancing Lesson which has benefited not only them but us and hopefully you too. We did not know that when you read a label which says 100% pure essential oil on a bottle of essential oil, the FDA requires only 5% of the contents to be the oil and the rest can be filler. The filler can be anything, including very inedible and sometimes toxic substances to our bodies and the bees bodies also. The bees needed a therapeutic , edible , organic quality of essential oils and we found them. There were two very popular companies which sold them – doTerra and Young Living. Holding our noses because of the multi-level marketing structure which one jumps through to obtain the oils, we entered 100% into the Dance with Essences .The oils had life” frequencies” which were so strong we knew the bees would be truly nourished with them  and now these essences, which are the “soul of the plant”, are also part of our daily life.  The frequencies of the oils are just what we needed and this is a journey we recommend highly for the happiness and well-beingness of your quality of life at this time on the planet. …. and once again it is thanks to the honey bees that this citizen medicine revelation  has come into our life at this time.If you are interested is seeing what the essential oils can do for you, we recommend reading “Reference Guide for Essential Oils” by Connie and Alan Higley.  What an eye opener. This is the wisdom which has been lost for a long time and it is the book which we have been looking for for decades.


The bee tea was made, and within a few days the bees were back to business-as-usual and you could see that they were consuming the tea and starting to expand the hive with nectar and making honey from the nectar.. This took us through the period of no nectar in the plants. It was great when the next “honey flow ” came and the flowers actually had nectar this time. The bees were healthy, the hives were huge and life once again returned to the Rhythm of the sanctuary.

QUESTION: why no nectar in the plants ?

So what on earth happened? Now here is where it gets very interesting. The local small beekeepers started coming to us and talking about the same thing. Lots of pollen and lots of flowers but no nectar. This translated to them as less honey. Then came the letter from a scientist friend of ours in Ethiopia and the report on the bees there was that the flowers were plentiful but the nectar was very little. So one has to say whatever is going on looks a bit global in its nature.

So here is our Question:

With the amount of proof from out-of-the-closet scientists and thousands and thousands of people, like you and me, all reporting the same thing, one can at least put the Question: Does the spraying of chemicals from the geoengineering taking place so heavily in our skies have something to do with the drying up of the nectar? It was not a lack of moisture for the flowers, nor was there a lack of flowers. Who gave whomever- it- is which is poisoning our “Commonly Owned Atmosphere” the right to bring such a death-fed of aluminum, barium, strontium etc. into the sacred cycle of life on this planet, which we are all symbiotically living within. Why is there no one stopping this? Our soil and our rivers and even the sludge from our sewer systems are all indicating elevated numbers of these toxins when they are tested. Since our country and others have signed “treaties” with each other to not create weather and/or do this geoengineering in the other country’s skies, it seems logical that perhaps this is something happening in the” here and now” of our lives. Could this explain why the trees, the plants, the animals and the bees are suffering from the “application of geoengineering of our skies”—-as well as we human beings? . What can we do to have this stopped? Can the bees continue to live a “natural cycle” when the flowers and trees are having their life essence sucked  dry by the drying agents  sprayed from the air ?

As with all things it is good to see the government documentation where you can to confirm such questions; but also consider citizen science,which holds merit and is worthy of  consideration.  Since our skies continue to be geoengineered we worry about the future of the bee and again we will say – what happens to the bees is happening to us.  Their fate and ours will be the same.