June was a wonderful month at Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary , with two groups of absolutely wonderful people coming together, at the Sanctuary, to learn more about the hive and the bees. The bees were their usual great Teachers, Klaus was their willing and learned guide and together we all formed a positive, enthusiastic “hive of friends of the bees”, prepared  to be counted as people ready  to discover a New Bee Culture based on an Ethical, Spiritual and Ecological approach .  What a privilege it is to meet other people who are ready, willing  and able to bring their life forces and Intent to learning about the honey bee  and growing their own experiences in their lives, from the lessons taught by  the honey bees; one of nature’s finest Ambassadors..

Isn’t it interesting that nature Never Lies (how noble  is that!) and it makes one wonder how we as sacred Human Beings have somehow found ourselves in a world where we, mostly unconsciously, participate in the enslaving, poisoning, exterminating,destroying,consuming and carrying out  innumerable other acts of “separated consciousness”on the Web of Life which supports our very existence on this beautiful planet?   The good news is that from our experiences lately we can see   there is a huge shift taking place at this time  in many arenas of life,  in the warm and loving Hearts and Imaginations of mankind    and every one of us can make the small choices in our daily life which supports those shifts and enlivens our lives with rich experiences and creative manifestations which all come from within ourselves.

The bees are Love Beings and you can feel their basic Song of Joy though-out  your whole body if you stop and listen.  The honey they make can only be full of amazing life enhancing properties and happiness because the source of the honey comes from a Place of Life , just as our Dreams of Joy for mankind Imagined from our Hearts also comes from such a Place of Life.  These thoughts are far from the transgenic agenda  encircling our lives like the Predator Agenda it is. .

The language which developed around beekeeping during the past century, is one of commercialization of the hive and the bee. In other words
the bees went from a symbiotic part of an agrarian way of life With us and an integral  Creative Beeing within the web- of- life in our earth’s landscape, to a controlled-
enslaved ‘manifestation’ within the Honey Factory. Thus is the plight of the honey bee today.

I could go on forever with the Addiction our culture has to commodifying  the “All of Life”, including Human Beings;, but there are strong hearted individuals  out there serving humanity by making that phenomena very clear – check out a Waldorf teacher, named  Cara St Louis and her  utubes.
What has happened to the bees is happening to us all, and it is when we look at the Big Picture happening to the web-of-life on this sacred planet  that we can feel and see the plight of the honey bee and the hive best……and also ourselves.

Bee the Change you wish to See.